It’s all about taste

It’s all about taste. If you are cheap, nothing helps.
Karl Lagerfeld


Some more tasteful fashion

4 thoughts on “It’s all about taste

  1. Karl would take one look at my ensemble today and frown. I just know it. Here’s what you’d see Karl: Old Tom Tailor saggy ass capris with no more stretch, just stretched and comfortable. My three year old blue Land’s End Mary Janes that sort of fart when wet and when walking on a tiled surface, due to vague wear in the flat heels and the resulting suction cup effect. Once navy blue Aldi Süd polyester blend, zip front ‘sweat’ jacket, accidentally bleached to wind worn blue by using Ariel instead of the old Persil (Ariel was on sale). Ankle socks from Tchibo in pastel blue. Floral pale blue blouse from Aldi Süd, six years old, never ironed, never seemed to need it. Underpants in purple floral pattern, verging on Bridget Jones’ ‘granny panty’ oversized style. White bio-cotton Tchibo ‘Bugle’ bra, already fraying at the tips of the wires after only a few machine washes. Live, black and brown tabby cat on my arm, purring, with intense green eyes. Despite your inevidable frown at my clothes, I feel comfortable Karl. That’s what counts with me. And I know you’d approve of the cat as an accessoire. 😉

      1. I donated the Tom Tailors back to the second hand where I first found them. I bought a 2.50 Euro pair of Blue Motion (gotta love Aldi Süd) light weight denim capris with less ass sag and some very wide turned up cuffs. Sailing my capris at 7/8 mast, my man says I look like a pirate. Arrr! If a wind blows, yes, those cuffs will flap. Batten down the cuffs matey!

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