Look What I Found This Spring

The merry month of May brought a lot of surprises and June keeps going well, too. It seems as if I’m getting much better at finding. Not only did I touch two Chimney Sweepers for good luck in the last two months, I also found these amazing kitsch things simply walking home…

Who is Who MemoryWho is who Celebraty memory be kitschig

A very big OMG for this one. In original packaging and in mint condition! Now, do you know your celebs?

First Row: Debbie Harry, Dennis Hopper, Ken Follett, Isabel Allende, Joseph Beuys

Second Row: Richard Hamilton, Fernando Botero, Marianne Faithfull, Helmut Newton, Gilbert & George

Third Row: Robert Mapplethorpe, Harry Rowohlt, John Malkovich, Roger Waters, Iris Berben

Fourth Row: Claudia Cardinale, Wim Wenders, Tina Ruland, Bono (Because if there is a celebrity thingy he will certainly somehow be in it.)

Comes complete with a sleeping mask and two blank cards.

DDR Backbuch.

#kitsch DDR Backbuch be kitschig

Now don’t you judge this book by its cover. If sh%t was ever to hit the fan, this might be a cornucopia of good advice. They could’ve called it, How to bake with nothing. Comes complete with retro photos and a nice chapter on food in the former GDR.

Vintage dried flowers

vintage dried flowers be kitschig

I literally  found my own Mother’s Day flowers on Mother’s Day.

Mami hat ein Tattoo

Mami hat ein Tatoo be kitschig

A story about a little boy who discovers that people aren’t scary just because they do look a bit different. Despite the horrible grammar/translation mistake (it’s ‘das’ with double ‘ss’ damn) it is a pretty cute read.

Erde an Trump: F%ck you.

Erde an Trump Fuck You newspaper clipping be kitschig

I was lucky enough to come across a tiny reprint of the original cover a day later (which was not as easy as simply walking home…). You couldn’t get your hands on the original newspaper anywhere. Fingers crossed I find a frame to fit it one day… Makes you wonder why on earth a not very presidential President can call a spate a spate but once a newspaper (fishwrapy admittedly) does it, it causes international outrage…

Party Pilz

be kitschig Party Pilz

Now, when I saw this packaging I was a wee bit scared. After all our decluttering efforts, I’m sure we really do not need any more stuff… While I was gonna put Party Pilz in the basement until Eurovision 2018, Little One took a liking to the Party Mushroom and it turned out to be a fantastic kitchen tool for kids! I wonder what the tray might look like serving size wise if this had been made today…

Have a findtastic week!

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  1. I have one of those Party-Pilze! Thank you for remembering me to take it down from the top of my shelf. 🙂

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