City Arts Global Peace Wall

I really do hope you all had wonderful holidays. Let’s also hope, the New Year will have something nice in store. For all of you.

Seize the Day

Make a Wish

Mosaic at Haus des Lehrers

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11 thoughts on “City Arts Global Peace Wall

  1. This is really very creative Jeanine. It is the perfect series of murals to use as we near year-end. All the best to you and your family in 2023.

    1. It did seem fitting. It is pretty large, maybe I need to take a photo of the entire building when I’m around there next time. Have a great start to the New Year! All the best for 2023

      1. We have a new mural in an industrial area. A not-too-nice area, under an overpass. I want to get a photo of it, maybe next Summer as everything is blah landscape now. There was nowhere to park, but it is a long mural that focuses on that city’s Elizabeth Park which I often write about … it will have to be taken in stages like your shots. Best to you too – hope you got some R&R over the holiday Jeanine.

  2. Hi J. Beautiful images of peace and hope! Thanks for sharing. I was working all over Christmas but get a few days off for the New Year celebrations, which I fully intend to catch up on in terms of relaxing, eating and 🍷🍸🍺

    May 2023 be peaceful, creative and fun for you and all your readers 😊

    1. Many forget, that not all people get this time of year off. Your plans sound great πŸ˜‰ What a lovely wish! Whishing you a peaceful and creative year as well. All the best for 2023!

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