Meet My Gnomes – Happy Gnomevember

In this post, I would like to introduce my gnomes to you. What better way to start Gnomevember? It is dedicated to Brian over at Equinoxio who was wondering, how many pointy hat persons actually lived in this place.

Gartnzweerge Party im Grünen - bekitschig blog

Paul, Boss Gnome, here at a team building event at Garden Gnome Park Trusetal

It all started at a grocery store called Plus, that was famous for the little prizes. Aw, good times. He, whom we later named Paul, stood on the shelve together with a few more gnomes. I liked Paul because it looked as if he was to hurt himself with that ax. So, one impulse buy and here we are … but let’s not skip content points.

As much as I liked our new garden gnome, I was royally freaked out came winter, and he moved from the balcony into the living room. Does he come to life at night? We will never gnome. Now, they generally live inside, all safe and cosy.

Zombie Gnome Halloween decoration balcony

Believe it or not, some people don’t dig garden gnomes and as a gesture of protest, this young fellow joined the team. That’s what friends are for. Ages ago, there was a post on this blog called “Two is a collection” and it just spiraled down from there.

This, by the way, happens when you leave them unattended outside.

Slowly, other garden gnomes moved in here. The question is, do you count fridge magnets, doormats or lunch boxes as well?

Gartenzwerg Stullendose be kitschig

Technically, these might be Christmas Elves.

garden gnome urban gardening

These gnomes are made out of fabric. Also not sure, if these count?!?

Garten Zwerge in Berlin Part Capital of Germany be kitschig blog

At the Garden Gnome Museum in Gräfenroda, this orange fellow joined my gnomes. Here Joost is celebrating New Year’s Eve with Heinrich, the most famous gnome of Berlin. From then on, the order of gnomes gets a bit blurry.

Gartenzweg zum Anmalen

He was a Cristmas present and now looks like this:

naughty gnomes faule gartenzwerge berlin

Naughty gnomes

Unser Gartenzwerg Baby genießt den Frühling

We are proud parents to this mischievous looking fellow. An original fruit from the Garden Gnome Tree.

Gartenzwerg aus Platik mit Eichhörnchen

[Here I’m sitting on a sunny Sunday thinking, I’ll put my gnomes together quickly and am just realizing, I may have a few more garden gnomes than I thought. You’re still with me? Cool.] My better half found this guy tossed out on the street and was in bad need of a make-over. The gnome that is.

This one just recently found refuge at our house. He looks a lot like this guy but they haven’t told me yet, if they are related.

Gartenzwerg aus Beton

Another Christmas present. We do give them names, which we tend to forget.

Bekitschig blgo Lego Gartenzwerge

Little One spent her pocket money at the flea market to get me Lego Garden Gnomes. (Mum proud.)

Meet my Gnomes! Garden Gnome Collection of

And, before you ask, of course we bought a souvenier gnome in Italy this year. Nano da giardino.

So here we have se Gartenzwerge in all it’s glory! Suggestions for names are more than welcome!

Have a lovely start to your week and enjoy Gnomevember!

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24 thoughts on “Meet My Gnomes – Happy Gnomevember

  1. Wunderbar!. Fantastique. I really love them all. And thank you for the post dedication and heads up…
    Eine gutte Woche… 👑 Can you believe there is no Emoji for garden gnomes…? Tsss.

    1. Do you mean like a school of dolphins? Maybe a hat of gnomes? Or just a collective? This insight certainly raises some questions

      1. Exactly so! I came across several names but lawn sounds too dull but there is donsy, annoyance, army, picnic, vexing, quiver and even a shortage! I quite like the last one! 😉

      2. Annoyance? Well that is certainly gnome nice. I need to look into this. All I came up with was donsy. Kudos to your researching skills

    1. Oh, is Henri from France by the way? Not too far from Italy, I suppose. Gnomes must have fascinating family trees 😉 My regards to Henry.

  2. This is quite the collection! I would have to gnominate that last one for the title “Most Louche Gnome I’ve Ever Seen”, I think … 😁

    1. Oh my, you made me learn a new word. On a Sunday! But true, he is the first one, that is not incredibly traditional. He is just enjoying la Dolce Vita!

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