Naughty Gnomes

Oh great. Cat grass dead, lavender gone and gnomone feels responsible.

naughty gnomes faule gartenzwerge berlin

I gotta get these naughty gnomes in order โ€ฆ

I gotta get these naughty gnomes in order ...

What is Gnomevember?

David Hasselhoff Museum Berlin

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20 thoughts on “Naughty Gnomes

    1. OMG! Thanks for this one Linda. We’re not big about Chritmas in this house but I get one new ornament this year. Considering this strange 2020 it might be an important purchachse. The kind you tell your grand children aboout …

      1. I’m glad you could open this link Jeanine. A friend of mine posted it on Facebook – I had to send it to you as you can have some fun with this. I’m not big on Christmas decorating anymore either – I used to decorate a lot inside from items collected through the years (the house is done in a country flair), but it’s just me and no one comes to visit, so I’ve become lazy about decorating. You’re right – this year is for the ages and deserves its own ornament, even if is at the expense of Santa. ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. Decorating can be a great part of looking forward to something. — We just do Christmas for our offspring and Oma. I’d rather take the money and go on a little trip but these days will come, too ๐Ÿ˜‰

      3. I agree with you Jeanine. It is more memorable. I used to spend the entire day after Thanksgiving decorating the house with all the country-type Christmas items collected at craft shows over the years. Now they sit in red and green tubs in the basement.

      4. I’d say, do it anyways and throw a fundraiser or a part but there’s this whole social distancing thing … Hang on to them, maybe they increase in value ๐Ÿ˜‰

      5. I know – the older I get, the less inclined I am to spend a lot of time decorating when the only person who sees it is me. The last idea you had is the best.

  1. Would love to see your new items! – Same here. Our shoe box is blessed with a tiny boxy balcony … Altough for people like you and me a small place might actually be a blessing. Who knows how much stuff we could aquire …

      1. Do it ๐Ÿ™‚ I might add some pumpkins and stuff. I don’t have a garden anymore but do have a decent size terrace. This year I spent some of my Covid-19 worker payment on 3 palm trees, an olive tree, fairy ornaments, crystals, a nice little table, and I’m waiting for a Buddha statue to come. It really looks a treat when sitting next to it with a beverage. Only small scale as I don’t have that much room to play. It’s my little haven at the mo ๐Ÿ™‚ Balconies and terraces rock!

    1. Yeah, Zombie Gnome tends to be a bit grumpy, too. Friends gave him to us after I got Paul. 2 makes a collection and this is how all that fun must’ve started …

      1. I did that with teddy bears. I couldn’t have them as a kid as I was allergic to them, so later in life, after being on allergy shots since 1975, my mom and I were in a department store just before school started – she said “what a cute teddy bear!” She said “you missed out as a kid – I’ll get this for you.” and that started a collection of bears of all sizes, from my mom, friends – some I bought myself. I stopped at 52 bears – the house is small and they were everywhere!

      2. That’s a cute story. As a teenager I was a proper vegetarian, so people started giving me stuffed pigs … They must be still around in my mums basement. I got 2 new gnomes last week — you gotta be careful with collecting …

      3. That’s funny about the pigs too Jeanine. Oh yes … one is just a ornament, two starts a fascination with them and soon your “collection” is encroaching everywhere!

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