Schlager Sunday – Dancing with Tears in My Eyes

Welcome to Schlager Sunday on be kitschig. It is really fascinating how many-a things appear in a different light since Corona or in the dawn of The Election. So let’s give it up for Dancing with Tears in my Eyes. Not to be too gloomy here; take it with a wink.

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Schlager Sunday Dancing with tears in my eyes Ulravox bekitschig blog

Image by Dimitri Wittmann on Pixabay

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16 thoughts on “Schlager Sunday – Dancing with Tears in My Eyes

      1. At the start of lock down my laptop broke and shops were shut and my phone wasn’t working either. And it was hard to even get a decent pc online. So yeah I took a break cos it was a weird time anyway. Now I still need new decent pc and not liking block editor but hopefully get back into the swing of things soon.

      2. Fingers crossed it’ll work out soon! I kinda like the new editor but I am using the old version for work. They are really 2 completely different things. Give it a go. It’s really not THAT bad 😉 The preview and publish buttons are way too close for my liking and putting in links is annyoing but other than that it runs pretty bug free with me. People seem to have all sorts of issues with WP at the moment. Please come back soon!

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