Dong Xuan Center Berlin #2

Welcome to the second part of Dong Xuan Center Berlin! If you can think of it, you can probably buy it here …

Nazar Boncuk charm - Turkish eyes - and puppet eyes - Dong Xuan Center Berlin
Eyes & eyes
In case you ever wondered where you can buy shirts like this
What is a fruit baby?
Varying view
Dong Xuan Center Berlin 
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Maneki-neko & Buddha

This Mannequin was granted some arms
Funny Shirts
Masks & Christmas decorations
Piggy Pigs
Dong Xuan Center Berlin 
travel kitschy with be kitschig blog
Tea Cups
Some more plastic

A Few Words on Dong Xuan Center Berlin

Đồng Xuân means Spring Meadow. Nguyễn Văn Hiền, like many Vietnamese guest workers, lost his job after the Wall came down. He started selling clothes but had to go to a wholesale market in Poland every time he needed new goods. Soon the idea grew to establish a market in Berlin, with the model of the world famous market in Hanoi. His idea proved to be successful. Since 2005, retailers are able to buy a cornucopia of goods and get a hair cut and a decent meal while they are there under one roof.

While it is not encouraged to take photos at the Dong Xuan Center Berlin, this was the only place where I got yelled at – imagine a super kitschy peacock plastic …

The merchants at the Dong Xuan Center Berlin include not just Vietnamese people but also Indian and Pakistani, as well as Chinese and Turkish.

The market is also a valuable source for people from many countries to find that one special ingredient for cooking. It is bringing people from all walks of life together. By the way, the market is one of the biggest tax payers in the district of Berlin Lichtenberg.

Unicorn stress balls

Food plays such an important part for our identity and makes us feel like home. I remember how happy I was when I finally found a decent loaf of bread in Australia!

So yes, they do sell a whole bunch of kitschy goods but it seems to be more a question of demand rather than supply, or does it?


Happy online traveling!

Have a happy Hump Day.

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18 thoughts on “Dong Xuan Center Berlin #2

  1. This is true that there is something for everyone here! What is the fascination with the doll heads and eyes I wonder – are people making their own dolls and dressing them by sewing/knitting their clothes. Seemed like there were lots of heads, eyes. 🙂 I think the Christmas part was more like something you’d see here. Good you can buy the unusual ingredients, not found anywhere else and just maybe not even on Amazon, the seemingly go-to spot for everything. Interesting you got these shots and Part I’s shots without them noting you. As to the bread … when I traveled in Germany/Austria in 1969 and 1979, my favorite food was not a slice of torte but the wurstplatte that I had almost every night – my mom and I would split one as each wurst platte was so generous with the sausages/meats and all the bread. I do love German bread, that rustic, thick bread. I am not a fan of soft bread and here look for something hearty and rustic. Yum!

    1. Thanks for your comment Linda! Sorry for the late reply but we’re busy getting bits and pieces together before lockdown … Oh what a fun year … Stay save & sane 😉

      1. No problem Jeanine. I have been 4-5 days behind in Reader for a while now. One time I caught up, was proud of myself, then quickly fell behind again. I am going to just two posts a week in the new year. I have taken enough photos to last me a good four months … I’m behind in photos too. I did hear about your lockdown. You stay safe and sane too. Let’s kick 2020 to the curb!

  2. Love this place, and cool it does foodstuffs and brings communities together.
    I wondered about the butterflies. They don’t look like modern pieces, more like relics from days past when it was popular to collect and display them – a great aunt of mine had two similar, framed, and I was both saddened and fascinated to see them when visiting. Maybe these are repros made of plastic of cloth?
    Love the cute kitten peeping over the top line in the collection of heavy metal horror tee shirts 😄
    I have one of those lucky cats! It has the little solar panel to make it wave.

  3. I think you have some true kitsch here. It looks similar to a Dollar Store we used to have around here.

    1. Hey Herb, it’s a bit like that just on a much bigger scale. They even sell some useful stuff like huge packs of batteries … strange thing is, we only spent 20 Euros in the end?!?

  4. None of this crap serves any useful purpose at all! Did those butterflies have to die just to satisfy some moron’s desire for cheap ornamentation? Not sure about supply and demand. Is there really a consumer demand this kind of garbage? I find those waving cat things especially irritating – they seem to be everywhere and those ‘roses’ in a vase are truly hideous!

    1. Oh … you’re clearly not a fan, which is understandable. Is your place completely free of this kind of decorations, trinkets & stuff?

    1. And sooo much fun for 8 Euros … Oh my … I did have one of those make-up dolls as a kid but never played with it. What would I do if I had one now … 😉

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