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Love Is A Battlefield.

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(Geek Comedy)

The sales assistant Richard (Eddie Marsan) loves to spend his weekends reenacting Viking battles as Readmund the Just. Unfortunately, this time-consuming hobby separates him from family life and when Richard fails to attend the funeral of his father in law on time and in appropriate attire, his wife Cath (Jessica Hynes) throws him out of the house.

Just like Richard gets bullied in his dead-end job, his son Martin (Joseph Hamilton) gets bullied at school. Even though he loves his dad dearly, it is because of Richard’s hobby that Martin is the target for constant pestering. Martin’s life gets even more complicated when he falls for class mate Emily (Chloe Hesar), and his mum starts dating his PE teacher Gary (Paul Nichols).

In the meantime, Richard found refuge at his best friend’s house. Julian (Ewen Bremner) is somewhat involved in battle reenactments as well but deep down his heart beats for Star Trek. Together with the ‘Bloody Broadswords’, Richard is determined to win back his wife. Admittedly, he does not look too great trying that and gets a whole bunch of bad advice, but he cannot be successful as long as he refuses to live like a responsible adult. (Now wait until he gets that hair cut…)

Trekkie Julian, who still lives with his mum, finally meets someone online who really likes him. Turns out, the lady is a man, even worse, a little boy. In a twist of faith, Julian meets Kim’s mum Maggie (Bronagh Gallagher), who is also quite a geek.

Slowly a romance evolves between Emily and Martin, Emily is keen to join in a reenactment and Richard knows just what he has to do…

I was wrong. When we walk out onto that battlefield, we’re not just a bunch of blokes dressed up as Vikings. Well, we are. But we’re more than that. For every kid who ever wanted to be Robin Hood or King Arthur or Captain Kirk; we’re heroes. We’re Vikings. We’re men.

Will Maggie be able to get Julian out of his mum’s house?

Will Martin get kissed?

Is Richard going to kick Gary’s butt?

Will Gary be sported in anything but his gym clothes?

MyMovieMashUp was a collaboration from MySpace, Vertigo Films and Film4 and enabled internet users to participate in the making of this movie. Faintheart is consistently funny (if you do like British Comedy). It is a true coming of age movie, probably more for Julian and Richard than for Martin, but all three nerds find a happy ending. It is really the characters that make this movie so special. All the little quirkiness and the love of details (of course Julian’s van is decorated with state of the art spray painting) make this really worth watching. If you would like to see a geeky movie that does not come from the States, give this one a go!

Why we love it: British comedy that reminds us of the wonderfully odd characters out there that make this world a better place.

Recommended for: Invite all your nerd friends to watch this. With the full force of geek power, you will be in amazing company and will guess most of the jokes, too.

2009, Vertigo Films
Directed by: Vito Rocco
Written by: David Lemon
Music: Mike Batt
Eddie Marsan as Richard
Ewen Bremner as Julian
Jessica Hynes as Cath
Joseph Hamilton as Martin
Chloe Hesar as Emily
Bronagh Gallagher as Maggie
Tim Healy as Geoff
Paul Nicholls as Gary

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