Postcards from Berlin #13

Today featuring five great locations to spot street art in Berlin.

phoebe new york street art corner berlin
Phoebe New York, street art corner Friedrichshain
Yoda at Mauerpark
What happened to the Aericaan Dream
American Dream, Street Art Alley Hackescher Markt
Strassenkunst Berlin Ron Miller fuck fame
Ron Miller Fuck Fame, KUS Kulturspäti Friedrichshain
Mr Fahrenheit Audray Hepburn Grafitti Berlin
Mr Fahrenheit Audrey Hepburn
Raw Gelaende Friedrichshain
Common Carp, RAW Gelände Friedrichshain
Konfetti strassenkunst SOBR
SOBR Dancing Girls
SOBR street art alley hackescher markt berlin
Sheep Grazing Friedrich Ludwig Jahn Sportpark
Green City Berlin, sheep grazing Prenzlauer Berg
strassenkunst Berlin paste up Zinkete
Ost-ap street art berlin nesting doll
Vote for Love paste up
Vote for Love
Fuck Wars PRIZMU street art
PRIZMU Fuck Wars
schmeckt wie Laterne ganz unten
Schmeckt wie Laterne ganz unten
Tastes like lantern right at the bottom
so schoen wie immer
is it art yet street art wedding
Is it art yet? Wedding

A Round-Up of Street Art Photos

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12 thoughts on “Postcards from Berlin #13

  1. I’m digging that. Got some from Berlin I’ll be breaking out in the future as well. Just have to find the rest of them.

    1. By now I have a big folder for those pictures. I try to put them together so the pretty ones or the well-known artists balance out the ones in bad weather or my photography skills 😉

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