Postcards from Berlin #10

You will never take me alive, LozHudson
Shining Labor, Jens-Uwe Clauß
Entrance, Kastanienallee 79
Cats by Rabea Senftenberg
Meh, Paper Monument for the Paperless, xo
Mein Lieber Prost
Liz Art
Keule Comix
Keule Comix
Still Keule Comix
John Lennon , Mr. Fahrenheit
Marilyn Monroe Street art be kitschig blog
Twiggy, Jef Aérosol

Today’s Postcards of Berlin have been taken in and around one courtyard just off of Kastanienalle, Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin. This area was notorious for alternative culture in East Germany and some of this spirit still lives on somehow. Next time, a bit more variety, pinky swear.

There are a few unknown artists in here, so if you recognize a piece, let me know! Ta.

Roundup of Street Art Postcards


Ostap Berlin streetart paste up be kitschig blog


El Bocho streetart be kitschig blog



#simpsons #sexy #kitsch Lisa Simpson naked art


hamster wheel career #berlin #streetart
From the inside, the hamster wheel looks like a career ladder


El Bocho Street Art Foto Berli be kitschig blog


cute kitty streetart berlin


Ron Miller Fuck Fame Street Art Berlin Prenzlauer Berg


18 thoughts on “Postcards from Berlin #10

  1. Fantastic. Thanks for sharing. Only went to Berlin once. Nearly ten years ago. Street art was not yet that developed. Or maybe I wasn’t paying attention.
    Need to go back I guess.

    1. You sure have been around, when I see your blog it is rather humbling. Berlin is certainly worth the trip. I bet, you won’t recognize half of it (you probably take better photos, too)

      1. Humbling? Well, it’s just luck mostly. 🙂
        Now I understand Berlin has changed a lot in the last few years. I’ll think about it. And photos? I only use an I-phone. Can’t be bothered with the classical heavy-duty camera and lenses. Gave that up a long time ago. I do use photoshop for editing though. Saves me time when I see a “shot” to take.

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