Postcards from Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin

street art berlin be kitschig el bocho Lucy Curry Wurst
Hey Tourist, try a Currywurst, Tina Berlina, El Bocho
street art berlin el bcho pete be kitschig
Pete, El Bocho
street art berlin dorrd dog be kitschig
Dancing Dog, dared
street art berlin hallo karlo be kitschig
Beer & Sock Monkey, Sam Crew
street art Berlin be kitschig
The Kiss, Le Loup

I hope you liked the streetart postcards from Prenzlauer Berg. Maybe I’ll make this a regular feature …

Postcards from Berlin #17

Alexanderplatz and the Seasons

David Hasselhoff Museum

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3 thoughts on “Postcards from Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin

  1. These really put the graffiti in my neck of NRW to shame. Here, at least at the small rural to small town train stations and environs, you find mainly just words like: ‘Lisa I *heart* you’, or ‘Fck Nazi’ and ‘Fck IS’ or simply the graffiti crew’s initials or symbols but some graffiti is just the local postal code numbers. Not very original or even creative considering there is a grade to college level creative arts school nearby. Apparently the more talented kids are too busy making the graded work to run out and spray something in their free time.

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