Postcards from Berlin #17

Welcome to Postcards from Berlin #17. This street art post is a little different than usually. It is our sixth week at home so I had to dig out some older photos. You will also find a lot of pictures from Mauerpark because the area I roam is a wee bit small these days.

Alles wird gut - Corona Easter decoration Postcards from Berlin #17 be kitschig blog  Berlin Wedding
Alles wird gut – All will be good
For all of you out there that still think Germans had no humor.
Easter decoration on a balcony
#streetart eme freethinker toilet paper graffiti Mauerpark Postcards from Berlin #17
Second round of toilet paper – eme freethinker
Wandbild Mural Warschauer Strasse 9 Berlin Friedrichshain Mural Fest #streetart Postcards from Berlin #17 be kitschig blog
Arsek & Erase
Cat woman Mural graffiti Mauerpark Berlin eme freethinker be kitschig blog
When the economy bubble explotes again like 2006 they gonna save the banks again like in 2008 – eme freethinker
Friedenstaube peace dove Shepard Fairey near Ostbahnhof #streetart be kitschig blog Postcards from Berlin #17
Almost intact Shepard Fairey peace dove
graffiti Frida Kahlo by eme freethinker Mauerpark Berlin #streetart be kitschig blog Postcards from Berlin #17
Free time Frida – eme freethinker
Postcards from Berlin #17 #streetart paste up klickerklacker be kitschig blog Berlin
I’ve found the key to happiness … stay away from idiots by klickerklacker
#streetart eme freethinker toilet paper graffiti Mauerpark be kitschig blog Berlin
Eme owns Mauerpark at the moment
Brennesseln und Bienen Mauerpark FrΓΌhling be kitschig lbog Berlin
How many bees?
If I start posting food photos, you can start getting worried …
#graffiti Mauerpark Berlin #streetart be kitschig blog
Rest in Power – eme freethinker
Bird graffiti the future 2nd part of Mauerpark development #streetart Berlin be kitschig blog
dressed up construction site Mauerpark
Postcards from Berlin #17 Berlin Mauerpark graffiti be kitschig blog
Unknown artist, certainly someone with patience
#leavenoonebehind Postcards from Berlin #17 be kitschig blog
Protect people not boarders
#streetart Mauerpark Berlin eme freethinker
Arica is not a testing lab – eme freethinker
Mimi the Clown #streetart be kitschig blog Berlin Friedrichshain
Mimi the Clown
dragon graffiti Berlin Mauerpark #streetart be kitschig blog
Puff, the magic dragon lived by the sea
oxo paste up Mauerpark #streetart be kitschig blog Berlin
Masks are so en vogue these days – oxo
 female soldier Runak Bapir Gherib by Moe79 Rosenthaler Strasse 
#streetart b ekitschig blog Berlin
The 14 year old female soldier Runak Bapir Gherib by Moe79
Scooter in Berlin be kitschig blog LitfaßsÀule
Yeah, some people are still wild about Scooter. Looking at the date, God certainly didn’t save this rave.
Postcards from Berlin #17 schiikaa #streetart be kitschig blog
You are the yin to my yang by schiikaa

Thanks for visiting Postcards from Berlin #17. Which was your favorite piece today?

Have a happy humb day; we kinda got this.

Street Art by eme freethinker

Save Mauerpark

Street Art in Antwerp

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20 thoughts on “Postcards from Berlin #17

  1. These are great, so much talent it’s incredible! I know it’s one of the simpler ones, but I do love the peace dove one.

    1. Hey Becks, thank you! I’ve done a few of these postcards now and often the small or simple ones are pretty popular!

  2. I enjoyed all of them! So many talented artists! I can directly relate to the “precious” toilet paper (or lack thereof). πŸ˜€

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