A Treasure

I found a treasure indeed and I am more than willing to share that with you. Some news agency must have picked up on this graffiti by eme freethinker in Mauerpark, Berlin and this artwork is travelling around the world right now. To not be stingy, I threw in a few more photographs.

strassenkunst eme freethinker
What about EHEC?

A few days later …

eme freethinker stay home
my treasure toilet paper street art be kitschig blog

Stay home, stay safe and enjoy your toilet paper …

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Postcards from Berlin #10

Worst of Trump

Streetart by eme freethinker

9 thoughts on “A Treasure

  1. These are brilliant. #StayTheFuckHome”, yes!
    The great toilet paper rush has calmed down a bit here, but trying to find a loaf of bread is still a mission… now with sneaky tourists and 2nd home holiday makers appearing with the sunshine, even less bread 🙁
    Stay well 🙂

    1. Most things are on the sheleves again here. Distancing in Berlin seems somewhat of a joke if you see the local parks though. Next week we’re hitting week 5 of Corona Holidays and if it wasn’t for all the people ignoring it, we could probably all go back to school and work sooner … Brave new world …

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