International Airport Berlin

Welcome to Wordless Wednesday on be kitschig blog. Did you know, Berlin finally has an International Airport? Including new train services to get you into the city center quicker. Only took 5 14 years.

It’s just, we don’t get to go anywhere … As I’ve been told, this soon shall pass.

El Bocho Airport Berlin sticker bekitschig blog

For this I dug out an old paste-up by El Bocho from 2017. Check out more street art by El Bocho right here.

Have a Happy Hump Day! We’ve got this.

Click here for fine airport photos: Farewell TXL – So Long Tegel Airport

Street Art by eme freethinker

Postcards from Berlin #17

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7 thoughts on “International Airport Berlin

  1. Yeah that was too funny, for if it wasn’t we’d all have to cry big tears. FINALLY your airport is ready to serve the public, only there are no flights, no interest, no passengers, no nothing!
    A bit like all our lives right now, right?

    1. His stuff is so much fun! He seems to be pretty busy at the moment, just not in my hood. When the weather gets nicer, I’ll be hunting!

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