Alexanderplatz & the Seasons

We’ve been back in Germany for a good year and a half now. Reason enough to look back and dig out a whole bunch of pictures. Today, I invite you to have a look at Berlin Alexanderplatz.  If you ever feel like people watching, this is certainly the place to go. Alexanderplatz will always offer an unusual sight or two.

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These days tourists meet in front of Primark rather than the World Time Clock.

Alexanderplatz & the Seasons be kitschig Blog
Grill Runner

Prizes of Bratwurst are increasing steadily.

Tauben auf dem Alexanderplatz
Oktoberfest waste and Berlin wildlife

Every other month or so Alexanderplatz turns into a big market. It is really more the tourist trappy kind and if you are looking for a real Berliner Currywurst you may die trying.

advertisements Berlin GDR be kitschig

Old advertisement meets new advertisement.

homeless on Alexanderplatz

Thanks to Willi we know Alex made it back home safely.


Last Christmas Market didn’t turn out very festive.

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with friendly permission of the policeman

Does this kind of police presence actually make you feel any safer?

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I’m a Moslem. I’m not a Terrorist. Please trust me and hug me. Merry Christmas

Free hugs

Berlin Alexanderplatz & the Seasons be kitschig blog
Life size Police Lego Figure

The excitement of the cops when they unpacked this Lego Figure!

Windmuehle Alexanderplatz Ostermarkt
Windmill at Spring Market

Spring came and is it just me or does the Easter Market look like a recycled Oktoberfest Christmas?

Fernsehturm #TV tower be kitsch kitsch blog
Wine from the South

Nothing is gonna remind you more of Berlin than southern wine culture

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Ginger Bread Heart

or food

#Berlin #Alexanderplatz #Souvenier

or an almost funny coaster (you cannot buy anywhere else).

What is wrong with this picture
Hofbräu Wirtshaus Berlin

While the markets on Alexanderplatz are more or less temporary, honestly, what on earth is wrong with this picture?