Dressed Up Construction Site

The dressed-up construction site is a relatively new phenomenon. While I saw a few scaffolds with big advertisements before, the majority of construction fences are instead sporting some rather detailed artwork.

Construction sites are a staple in Berlin and can be there for a long, long time so it is really nice that people are trying to make them a little more attractive.

Unless you are a little kid, diggers and cranes are not all that fascinating.

Mauerpark is finally open again and they had been working on that water canal thingy for so long that I can honestly not remember what it used to look like.

Bauzaun Berlin Mauerpark bektschig blog
Postcards from Berlin #18

The dressed-up construction site covering it all up has changed considerably over time. Lots of pieces went missing, others added to the artwork and recently it’s all gone. Now Mauerpark features some non-dusty parts with green grass, a few new swings and a playground.

dressed up construction site Mauerpark Berlin - bekitschig.blog Llama
This was built when Llamas were in …
Rotes Rathaus Berlin U5 Baustelle Dekoration bekitschig.blog

The yellow dressed-up construction site at Rotes Rathaus has been there for years. You’ll find some photos from 4 years ago here.

Verschönerte Baustelle Berlin Alexanderplatz A Fence street art by age age bekitschig.blog Berlin
Age Age
The Journey Europe schicke Baustelle Berlin Alexanderplatz
dressed up construction site Berlin Alexanderplatz bekitschig.blog

Now, a real treat is the new construction site at Alexanderplatz featuring the artwork ‘True Heroines’ by Ron Miller. It just went up, so if you are around this summer (if we can call it that), make sure to check it out!

Verschönerte Baustelle Berlin Alexanderplatz Ron Miller bekitschig.blog Berlin
Verschönerte Baustelle Berlin Alexanderplatz Ron Miller bekitschig.blog Berlin
Verschönerte Baustelle Berlin Alexanderplatz Ron Miller bekitschig.blog Berlin
Verschönerte Baustelle Berlin Alexanderplatz Ron Miller bekitschig.blog Berlin
Dressed up construction site Berlin Tierpark Nich' die Baurabeiter füttern 
be kitschig blog

Once again, if you still think Germans had no humor, this has been taken a few years ago in Berlin Tierpark (the zoo in the former East of the city).

Don’t feed the construction workers!

street art Malta dressed up construction site graffiti mural bekitschig blog

Last but certainly not least, a construction fence from Justinks & Murals. You’ll find more street art from Malta here.

Have you spotted a dressed-up construction site in your area?

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11 thoughts on “Dressed Up Construction Site

  1. Wow – that’s an interesting concept … and when they are done with the constructiion, they need to hang the artwork somewhere in the building or at least a part of it. Love the llamas!

    1. It’s really odd that they plan in art work into the budget rather than earning money from advertisement. Hey, no complaints. I think those fences are pretty nice

  2. I draw on a small scale so I’m always amazed by street art! The size of it and details are phenomenal. I couldn’t even hope to do something that awesome.

    1. Many great artists are self taught. You are one step ahead of many because you got started! Maybe find a nice little electricity box or a garage door and just give it a go? 🙂

  3. I have found street-art on a distribution box at a hiking trail in the greens of Erpetal (nearly on the borderline of Berlin and Brandenburg), funny but really something else, I know.

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