Postcards from Berlin #18

Welcome to street art postcards from Berlin #18 — the epic walk edition. With such nice weather it called for a little tour. So let’s start in Mauerpark with an update of eme’s wall and then we’ll move down to Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg. Enjoy!

Girls just wanna have fun eme freethinker Mauerpark graffiti be kitschig blog Berlin
Girls just wanna have fun, Mauerpark – eme freethinker
One Love Bob Marley by eme freethinker Mauerpark Berlin street art postcards from Berlin #18
One Love
Pen Chill Graffiti Berlin Mauerpark
Pen Chill
I can't breathe George Floyd by eme freethinker street art postcards from Berlin #18
In memory of George Floyd
Penn Floyd graffiti Berlin Mauerpark
street art postcards from Berlin #18  Dieses Haus stand früher in einem anderen Land Jean-Remy von Matt
Diese Haus stand früher in einem anderen Land, Brunnenstraße (This house used to stand in a different country) – Jean-Remy von Matt
Bundeswehr zum Spargel Stechen be kitschig blog Berlin
Bundeswehr zum Spargel Stechen, Linienstraße (Federal German Military Forces to harvest asparagus) Despite Covid-19 and travel regulations, Germany managed to get guest workers from Eastern Europe to harvest asparagus, which makes them system relevant; our new favorite term. Cause we cannot survive a lock down without our favorite vegetable.
street art postcards from Berlin #18 Mimi the Clown Dared Art Confatty Fräulein Modemacher SP38
Mimi the Clown in good company, SP38, Dared Art & Co., Rosenthaler Straße
street art postcards from Berlin #18  Das Fräulein Modemacher
Das Fräulein Modemacher
Confatty paste up Berlin
Make a wish – confatty
street art postcards from Berlin #18  Taknado Crew Haus Schwarzenberg Hackescher Markt
Taknado Crew, Hackescher Markt
Haus Schwarzenberg Hackescher Markt
There was so much new street art at Haus Schwarzenberg Street Art Alley that I will post those beauties in a seperate post. Stay tuned!
street art postcards from Berlin #18 Señor Papá Chango
Señor Papá Chango
I want to draw your dog
Art or Kitsch?, Dircksenstraße
Street art postcards from Berlin #18 Berliner Bear mural
Berliner Bär, near Rosa Luxemburg Platz
Little Miss Fierce Paste up Berlin streetart
Little Miss Fierce, Rosa Luxemburg Straße
Street art postcards from Berlin #18  Ron Miller Paste up
Ron Miller, Torstraße
Berliner Bär Stencil
This Berliner Bär looks like he had enough, Straßburger Straße
Street art postcards from Berlin #18 JR wrinkles of the city
JR – wrinkles of the city, Prenzlauer Allee
Street art postcards from Berlin #18 JR Wrinkles of the city
I’ve read anything from German politian to Bill Cosby … An idea anyone???
Heinrich der Gartenzwerg Berlin garden gnome Gartenzwerg
I paid Heinrich the garden gnome a visit and it just occured to me that he lives on Heinrich Roller Straße, which is probably why he got this name. Doh.
bucket of paint egg Berlin Street art postcards from Berlin #18
Last but not least, the egg is still there! OME! Greifswalder Straße

Thanks for visiting Postcards from Berlin #18! Which one was your favorite piece today?

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24 thoughts on “Postcards from Berlin #18

    1. Jeepers creepers, I am a bit torn about this one 😉 Please enjoy! You could even do it; rates are the bomb!

  1. A superb collection. Love the George Floyd tribute; excellent to see a Basquiat; the Girls Just Wanna Have Fun rocks!; but love best the Señor Papá Chango – it’s so wild and cute! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Hi there, Señor Papá Chango has this style of super cute illustration but if you look closer, it is often a lot more complex. Catch you soon!

  2. Interesting, I liked One Love especially. You might want to visit Chemainus on Vancouver Island BC if you visit Canada. It’s a very pretty island town that has a festival yearly for artists to do murals. – David

    1. That sounds wonderful … I’m afraid travels like that are not on the agenda at the moment; maybe one day!

    1. Thank you Sheree! Sorry for the late reply, for some reason lots of comments enp in may spam lately …

      1. With me it’s just lately; it’s driving me bonkers. If you even land in my spam, I wonder what all goes missing …

  3. Henri was very happy to see his cousin Heinrich! 🙂
    I like the egg and the Berliner Bär running off to somewhere important. 😀

  4. Herrlich, das Bild mit dem Haus ist das ‘wichtigste’ wegen dem Titel, den du uns fast unterschlagen hast!
    I wd love to have my dog painted….
    I adore the whole collection! Only faves. Kann mich nicht auf einen festlegen. Unglaubliche Vielfalt

    1. Lustige Kiste das. Hat der Mann ans Haus malen lassen, nachdem er es gekauft hat. Da hat ein Zugezogener mal was richtig gemacht 😉 Zu viel Germlish wird leider schnell zu komplex …. Den Hund finde ich auch toll, wußte gar nicht, ob ich das darf …. Alles immer nicht so einfach. Schön, dass du was für dich gefunden hast!

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