Graffitiy Connection Murals on Social Housing

Photos just cropped, not altered. Don’t believe the stock sites 😉

Street art by GRACO — Graffiti Connection (Daisy, Lake, Stek, Marko and Kobo) — 1998.

You will find this building in that odd corner where you’ve just been on fancy Friedrischstraße but suddenly are in Kreuzberg (Wilhelmstrasse/Mehringplatz). There are also lots of big murals nearby:

Postcards from Berlin #22

Postcards from Berlin #23

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14 thoughts on “Graffitiy Connection Murals on Social Housing

  1. These are huge murals – wow, I cannot believe how big some are. I can’t help but notice the graffiti on some of the murals – hard to escape graffiti, no matter where you go, but on artwork?

    1. Yeah, that’s pretty meh. Especially just bad tags. But still, they have been there for years, for that it’s not so bad. Still, it doesn’t look like the place you wanna come home to past midnight by yourself 🤔

      1. Yes, we have places like that here and not out in boonies in a park either. Your radar goes up for sure. I worked in Detroit too many years not to have a sixth sense about it.

    1. Yeah, some people have no manners. It is still in good shape considering the murals are from 1998. The house in general could do with a bit of care …

    1. Thank you. I’ve got heaps more. The place looks completely different on the stock sites. All wrong colors, like Insta filters

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