Postcards from Berlin #23

Welcome to street art postcards from Berlin #23. Oh, how time just flies. This time around we have pieces from all over the city. Enjoy!

Hand Mural Berlin - Unter der Hand - CASE Maclaim - Brückenstraße / Köpenicker Straße - U Heinrich Heine Straße
Unter der Hand – CASE Maclaim – Mitte
Wassertorstraße 64 Berlin Kreuzberg - Emily Eldridge - The Thread that ties us together
Emily Eldridge: The Thread that tied us together – Kreuzberg
Herden Immunität hier lecken - Mülleiner Berlin - street art postcards #23 -
Herd immunity – lick here – Mitte
Orange Bin - Mülleimer BSR Berlin 
bekitschig blog
Spotted on a bin similar to this one. Would you dare? – Friedrichshain
Faye the fox by dared art - 
Prenzlauer Berg Nähe Mauerpark
Foxy Faye by dared art – Prenzlauer Berg
Darth Vader mural Teufelsberg Berlin 
be kitschig blog
How did they do it? – Teufelsberg Berlin
Good save the spleen stencil 
streetart postcards from
God save the spleen
Apple with bite by Onur & Wes21 - street art Postcards from Berlin #21- "Sweet sin". Part of the URBAN NATION "One Wall” project
Apple with bite by Onur & Wes21 – Kreuzberg
Friedrichstraße 9 - Mural by PichyAvo Berlin - Mural Fest 2019
Janus by PichiAvo – Mitte
Caro Pepe and Papa Chango - Mauerpark - mural - streetart postcards
Caro Pepe and Papa Chango – Mauerpark – the Changing Wall changed once agian
Street yogi - Korkmännchen - Friedrichstraße Berlin
street yogi – Mitte
Wrestlers by Mr. Aryz - Mitte - Berlin Mural Fest 2019 - street art postcards from Berlin #23
Wrestlers by Mr. Aryz – Mitte
Wrestlers by Mr. Aryz - Mitte - Berlin Mural Fest 2019 -
Wrestlers by Mr. Aryz – Mitte
TFTS (ToysFromTheSky) colorful mural near taz - Friedrichstraße 21 
streetart postcards Berlin #23
TFTS (Toys From The Sky) – Mitte
Mars ou crève by Zelda Bomba - Prenzlauer Berg 
Käthe Kollwitz Platz
Mars ou crève by Zelda Bomba – Prenzlauer Berg
Berlin Sonnenuntergang sunset be kitschig blog
Sunset – Mauerpark

Thanks for flying with be kitschig. I really hope you enjoyed the art today. Which was your favorite piece of street art?

Have a lovely Hump Day. We’ve got this!  

Sunrise at the abandoned resort

Art or Advertisement?

Postcards from Teufelsberg Berlin

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30 thoughts on “Postcards from Berlin #23

  1. btw, all those murals are simply breathtaking! and the Hand under the Hand is very special too
    AND one of the stories of my life are the hours spent waiting to take a really good picture, which is never taken as there are always cars either parking in front of my subject, ppl approaching or standing in front of my subject, or the next rain to spoil it all 😉

    1. Oh, waiting for photos … We are away for a few days and people are amazing just walking into your picture. Ggrrrrr

  2. oh the choice of choiciest and inedible choices….. Should really send this to my Berliner Göre (daughter in law who made me her Mutti) but don’t dare as I’m afraid she’d take the next train to go back to her beloved Berlin 😉

    1. Ha ha, she might. It seems to be the hot place these days amongst expats. For people who lived there it is often a nice place to visit. Moving to quieter places has its positive sides!

    1. From what I’ve heard, landing at BER airport doesn’t seem incredible safe. It might be a while but I’m sure you can come back. Soon…ish 🙂

  3. Quite a few of those are by well known international artists. I have shots of works by Aryz, Case Maclaim, Pichi Avo, Caro Pepe & Wes21 that they have done in Bristol & London.

  4. Some great stuff there. On the Darth Vader one, I’m guessing that’s a multi-layered stencil. Looks good however it was done.

    1. There are so many different techniques … In Mauerpark the wall changes really quickly but you’ll always find someone spraying to watch. Way better than television 🙂

      1. I have a shot of something I saw yesterday – a different kind of street art which I think you’ll like- I’ll share it on your Twitter post as I can’t attach it here.

      2. Oh it is strangely cute/odd! Thank you. Plus, you gave me a reason to figure out how to sign into my Twitter account (long story that is) again!

    1. When I get the photos together I realize I don’t move around much these days. Hopefully next year will bring a bit more ‘normal’. Whatever that means 🤪

    1. Oh, that is so nice of you! There is no way one can take a decent photo of the big ones! (I’m doing all the stuff. Waiting for the lights to turn, stand on that street, balance on walls … A real photographer would certainly caputure it better BUT I still refuse to fiddle around with the pictures too much, Lots of people do this kinda stuff for Insta and it never looks like the original art work anymore.)
      Kudos from you make my day!

      1. You are so very welcome! Ha, yes, you wait until the moment is right and there are no pedestrians in the way but then a flock of birds foils the shot! These are great captures and a delight to see! Thanks again for sharing! 🙂

      2. Well thank you! No cars did run me over either 🙂
        By the way, I’m slowly working on a post of things I would’ve photographed if a car hadn’t parked in front of it …

    1. Thanks. All the credit goes to the great artists though! This is a great city for street art of all kinds, A bit of color never hurts anyone

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