Art Park Tegel

Welcome to a beautiful day in fall. The Art Park Tegel in Berlin offers a lovely walk for lovers of street art and the architectural wonder that the Plattenbau is. Some of these prefabricated apartment blocks can reach rather impressive heights.

Tiptoes by Hownsom - huge Mural Art Park Tegel Berlin - street art - bekitschig blog
Tiptoes by Hownosm (Raoul & Davide Perre) 2016

Our first building has 13 floors and is roughly 42 meters high. (My last conversion to non-metric failed royally, so work it out by yourself or believe me that this is pretty high.)

The London Police - Big Mural in Berlin #streetart bekitschig blog
The London Police (2016)
Balloon Mural by Jim Avignon - street art Berlin - bekitschig blog
Balloon by Jim Avignon (2020)
Art Park Tegel - Balloon Mural by Jim Avignon - street art Berlin - bekitschig blog
The Starling by Colin van der Sluijs & Super A (2016) - Art Park Tegel - #streetart Berlin - bekitschig blog
The Starling by Colin van der Sluijs & Super A (2016)

The huge facades provide plenty of space for large scale murals.

The Starling by Colin van der Sluijs & Super A (2016) #streetart Berlin - bekitschig blog
BastArt Mural Berlin #streetart - bekitschig blog
BustArt (2020)
Art Park Tegel - BastArt Mural Berlin #streetart - bekitschig blog

All in all, Art Park Tegel shows 8 massive street art pieces by well-known artists. It is also a great photo opportunity from my ongoing study of things you cannot capture properly …

2268 miles & Luchadora Pachamama by Tankpetrol & Queen Kong (2019) - Art Park Tegel - #streetart Berlin
2268 miles & Luchadora Pachamama by Tankpetrol & Queen Kong (2019)
2268 miles & Luchadora Pachamama by Tankpetrol & Queen Kong (2019) #streetart
Plattenbau Charme - Platte Berlin West
Circle of Life by Fintan Magee (2015) - bekitschig blog
Circle of Life by Fintan Magee (2015)
Art Park Tegel streetart Berlin

Art Park Tegel is situated north of the city in Neheimer Straße. You can easily reach it by Underground 8 and a bit of walking. I highly recommend taking the U8 all the way to stop Alt-Tegel and walking down along the lake. Besides plenty of photo opportunities you can even hire paddleboats (not like that damn swan is ever free) or treat yourself to a boat trip or coffee and cake. The yachts on Lake Tegel offer a nice contrast to the concrete buildings. A Berlin trip away from the touristy sights.

Plattenbau Schick Berlin Reinickendorf
Playing Card by Pixel Pancho (2016) #streetart Berlin -- more pictures on
Playing Card by Pixel Pancho (2016)
Playing Card by Pixel Pancho (2016)

Which mural from Art Park Tegel was your favorite?

Happy online travelling!

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27 thoughts on “Art Park Tegel

  1. They are all great and a wonderful way for a mural artist to showcase his/her work on these very tall buildings. My favorite were the Circle of Life and the Starling … that was quite intricate work on the Starling mural!

    1. Huhu, das freut mich! Tegel an sich ist ja schon ein eigenes Universum 🙂 Mensch, vielleicht sollte ich mal nach Steglitz fahren?

  2. I vote for the bird, too. I’m a bit worried that the mother seems rooted to the spot and has weird bare feet whereas the man seems to have sneakers. He’s ready to run and get on with his life and the woman’s stuck holding the baby.

    1. That is an intersting thought! The artist was inspired by “A Child’s Garden”
      by Michael Foreman. I’m not familiar with the book … A little boy lives in a war torn world and builds a garden of hope. In a way, it is also a symbol for Berlin.
      Before I read this, I thought the mum was barefoot because she is closer to mother nature 🙂

      1. No, I don’t know the book, either. It’s always interesting to read about artists’ inspiration and their own interpretation of their work. To get commissioned for a public work like this, they usually have to write a whole story themselves, full of symbolism. It’s not usually just a case of “I want to paint a picture.“ 😂

      2. Ha ha. True! For this project they take the Creme De La Creme of internationally known artists. When I checked the place out online, it appears, some murals already got painted over. One was a girl bleeding. The people who live there didn’t like it. Wonder what happened to the other ones

      3. I always think what a shame it is when really good street art gets painted over. We have a local artist who’s pretty good and he paints a pedestrian tunnel near my house. Sometimes he’s done something fabulous and someone paints over it with just a tag and it’s a real waste. Luckily he usually comes back and paints something fabulous again.

      4. Some street art has a pretty short life cycle … but tagging on good art is rather meh. Someone who is deeply rooted in the community probably would do that. Personally, I find tags on trees absolutely horrible!
        It’s great that your artist keeps coming back. Most tunnels could do with a bit of color 🙂

    1. If you want to take decent pictures, you’d probably have to go in winter to capture all the glory. They are all done so well but the size really makes them impressive!

    1. It certailny looks fun when they ride around in their crane thingies. Gives stepping away from your art work a new perspective!
      The Giant Socialite from Postcards #19 has not been mapped out! Amazing!

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