Morning Walk through Berlin Mitte

On Saturday I got up nice and early for a walk through Berlin. The winter wonderland has melted and it seems we moved straight on to Spring. So, I went to soak up some sun. Berlin was strangely empty. Except for a few joggers here and there, there were simply no people.

Wurstwasser Graffiti Berlin Wedding 
Hot Dog Water 
bekitschig blog
Wurstwasser – Hot Dog Water — Does this have anything to do with recent Scooby Doo or am I overthinking this? — Swinemünder Straße

I saw a whole bunch of smashed in windows, many closed shops and really bad graffiti tags just exploded. The usual street art spots didn’t seem to have anything new to offer but there was still a lot to see on the way.

Please wear your mask properly illustration Berlin Mitte 
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By fuchstastic – Rosenthaler Straße

At nine sharp the construction workers got busy and I made it to Hackescher Markt. Never have I seen Haus Schwarzenberg without any other people.

Haus Schwarzenberg street art alley bekitschig blog Berlin
Street art alley – Rosenthaler Straße

Did I get a bit trigger happy? You bet. Which reminds me, I promised a post on Haus Schwarzenberg before; it’s about time. When you will be able to visit again, this is a great place to spot some street art. Plus, you’ll find many popular artists there.

A mroning walk through Berlin Mitte during lock down 
Haus Schwarzenberg Vesuv street art Strong Together 
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Strong together by Vesuv

There was a lot of chicken steet art. Can someone please explain that to me?  

Mimi the Clown Paste up and Løv Noir
Mimi the Clown and Løv Noir

My walk through Berlin continued to the train station of Hackescher Markt. From there you can just follow the direction of the S-Bahn to Alexanderplatz.

A mroning walk through Berlin Mitte during lock down 
street art ny Prizmu Hackescher Markt 
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By Prizmu

The old arches under the train tracks are full of great street art. Technically they host lots of fun places to eat, too. The side streets of the tourist traps, so to speak. The flair around there is really nice, especially in the later hours of the day.

Seems like the right day to overthrow capitalism by Karpett 
streetart Berlin 
bekitschig blog
By Karpett

The project It’s time to dance goes back to 2012. I am not sure which year they appeared on these walls but there are plenty of paste-ups still in great condition. (You will see more soon.)

A mroning walk through Berlin Mitte during lock down 
strteetart Berlin SOBR it's tiem to dance
It’s time to dance by SOBR

Chill mal Berlin have been really busy lately.

Chill mal Berlin David Hasselhhoff sticker / Paste up 
streetart Berlin
The Hoff by Chill mal Berlin

There is so much to discover on these bricks, I could fill all week with these photos.

A mroning walk through Berlin Mitte during lock down 
Zinkette and 
bekitschig blog
Berlin still live – Rotkäpchen Sekt, ddetox and Zinkete

Every hotel that considers itself top-notch has a Buddy Bear these days.

Adina Apartment Hotel Berlin Hackescher Markt Buddy Bear photo walk through the city
bekitschig blog
An der Spandauer Brücke – You’ll find more Buddy Bears here

A plane hit the TV Tower. Kinda.

A mroning walk through Berlin Mitte during lock down 
Fernsehturm Sonnenaufgang

A great walk through Berlin also deserves a Bánh Mì. (I have developed a serious dependency on Vietnamese Rolls in Australia and it took almost three years to find this place!)

Mama Vân at Alexanderplatz Bánh Mì
best Vietnamese Rolls in Town! 
bekitschig blog
Mama Vân at Alexanderplatz – Just take away, of course.

After lunch time, people were flocking to the streets in the nice weather and it felt really noisy and crowded. Taking a walk certainly clears your head and I wasn’t ready for those crowds.

A mroning walk through Berlin Mitte during lock down 
bekitschig blog
The photo booths feature hand sanitizer now; just the (drunk) tourists are missing. – Weinbergsweg

Do you dare to sit down?

streetart walk through berlin SOBR it's time to dance be kitschig blog

Alexanderplatz and the Seasons

East Side Gallery Berlin

David Hasselhoff Museum

Rainbows Over Berlin

How do you keep sane during lock down?

If you made it this far, I’ll throw in more street art.

Good old Struwwelpeter

Xamreb & Lacuna Struwwel Peter Hitler  Trump 

walk through Berlin Mitte bekitschig blog
Xamreeb & Lacuna
walk through Berlin Mitte Struwwelpeter bekitschig blog
Struwwelhitler Haus Schwarzenberg Street Art bekitschig blog walk through Berlin Mitte
walk through Berlin Mitte Struwweltrump bekitschig blog
Morrning Walk trough Berlin Mitte bekitschig blog

Have a happy Hump Day! We’ve got this.

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31 thoughts on “Morning Walk through Berlin Mitte

  1. Why so desolate I wonder? But great you had the streets to yourself to meander along, no need to socially distance from anyone, just take it all in, along with a lot of pictures as well. I didn’t get the chicken art either Jeanine. But since the chicken looks like it is about to cross the road, does it have something to do with the age-old question/answer: “Why did the chicken cross the road?” “To get to the other side of course!”

    1. 😉
      Since everything is closed, there is really nowhere to go … Some of the late shops double up as bakeries but with no people around, even most of them were closed til lunch time. It does look a bit sad at times!

      1. I think I saw some pictures in big cities here like San Francisco or Chicago at the beginning of the pandemic – it was like a ghost town. I forgot the stores were all closed there.

      2. Winter is bad for that and I just read a story earlier today about how relationships are suffering from too much togetherness for those couples where both work from home, plus they have kids remote learning.

      3. Oh Linda … you pretty much summed it up 😉 The first months it was wonderful to spend so much time together … Now, erm … 🙂

  2. What a fun walk! Still amazed at the variety of wonderful street art. I had to google Struwwelpeter as I had never heard of it. I always enjoy learning something new here! 🙂

    1. Yeah, I made you learn something! I google stuff too when I come odd across things on other blogs. It’s a fun way of learning random stuff. The book made a real impact. There are still books today inspired by it!

    1. Do you know about the original book? There is an English translation … While I grew up with it, today people consider it outdated pedagogy … Erm … There is some pretty bad stuff happening, a lot of the kids die of inattentiveness, looking at clouds or overeating, but none of us kids dared to do any of the things in that book 😉

      1. No, I don’t think I have known about this previously. I’ve just been reading about it. Old fashioned (1845) but effective way of teaching children morals. It seemed to work for you. I was taught morals in a different way but just as effectively.

      2. Oh yes. Pioneer and everything! It is odd for me sometimes when people share old toys and all… Here and there I mention it but never a lot. I was in my late 20s when I was in my first ball pit! I still run into odd situations here and there but generally I’m coping okay 🙂

      3. Not sure what you mean by ‘ball pit’ something lost in translation there maybe. Do you mean awkward situations that still arise now because of your childhood upbringing and social & political conditioning?

      4. Oh, I actually meant a structure filled with colorful plastic balls to play in 😉 As a teenager I felt deprived of that … but there are indeed odd moments that arise because of my conditioning! When you meet new people in Berlin you can tell 95% of the time if they grew up in the West or East. It’s a way they carry themselves or the values they have.

    1. Pleasure! It was a nice change of scenerey considering I spend most of my day infront of a screen … More walks are needed urgently 🙂

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