Buddy Bears

Welcome to Wordless Wednesday with the Buddy Bears spotted in Berlin. Let’s start the year peacefully, shall we?

Peace for all bears bekitschig blog
Try to treat people the way you like to be treated

The Art of Tolerance is an ongoing exhibition that travels the world. 146 Buddy Bears who represent 146 different countries where last spotted at Tierpark Berlin.

Buddy Bears Tierpark Berlin

Luxemburger Bär Tierpark Berlin 65 Jahre

The bears first appeared in Berlin in 2001. They were designed by local artists and many of them were auctioned off for charities. Today, you still find bears all over Berlin, for example in front of hotels.

Buddy Bears Tierpark Berlin Zoo bekitschig blog
Nicaragua, Netherlands and Niger

The united version first appeared in 2002. The bears formed a circle around the Brandenburg Gate; representing tolerance and peace.

Berliner Bären Berlin Tierpark Zoo bekitschig blog
Row of Buddy Bears

Amerikanischer Berliner Bär Statue
UK, USA and United Arab Emirates

Now they are traveling the world. Countries include Australia, Russia, France and Brazil. Additionally, they visited places like Cuba, Hong Kong and even North Korea.

Berliner Bär Skulpturen Tierpark Berlin
And another row of bears

Buddy Bears Tierpark Berlin bekitschig blog
Japan, Italy, Israel and Ireland

For the exhibition in South Korea a bear from North Korea joined the fun and since they always appear in alphabetical order, both nations were standing side by side. The exhibition in Jerusalem included all countries of the Arab World with the Palestinian Bear on equal footing. That’s pretty fab for some fiber glass and paint.

kanadischer Bär Tierpark Berlin bekitschig blog

Buddy Bears in Berlin Tierpark
Greece and Guatemala

For their 65th anniversary of Tierpark Friedrichsfelde the United Buddy Bears put on a show and rumors go, it was even organized as a suprise for the zoo.

Berliner Bären im Tierpark Berlin bekitschig blog
And yet another row of Buddy Bears

Now, while we are talking about 65th anniversaries, it looks as if there will be a Eurovision Song Contest this year. Fingers crossed!

Goldene Bären Herz Tierpark Berlin

Be nice and happy Hump Day!

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37 thoughts on “Buddy Bears

    1. Hopefully soon! They come back every other year or so … They do post it on the Buddy Bear Website! Funny thoough, I missed out on Ku’damm and we found this one by accident 🙂

    1. There are even pigs with wings! If that’s art or Kitsch, erm, is for a different day but the great thing is the message! Many things are possible if you have a friend at the arts council (and damn, how I wish I’d work there)

  1. I love the idea of bears as a symbol of peace and connection between nations. I remember seeing these bears in Berlin when I was there about ten years ago. I hope that the European brown bear 🐻 the actual real bear is conserved and protected too.

    1. Well, actually … They do keep coimg back so there are a few bears in Germany here and there … Rumors go, farmers shoot them down. These days you don’t really get a lot of news that don’t evolve aroudn the US. I’m sure there are other things going on in the world …

      1. I am glad they keep coming back the bears. There is so much chaos and BS caused by humans, that it makes me care about animals more than people mostly

  2. Interesting little bear buddies – I collected teddy bears for years and finally ran out of places to put them, so had to stop. But these bears are special, so colorful. The message is spot on as well!

  3. Cool buddies! Love the concept of local artists making their mark this way then exporting it around the world.
    Like some of the commentators above, I too remember the COWS, it was in the UK early 2000s and I think called ‘Cow Parade’ – same concept as the Bears.
    As for the Eurovision Song Contest happening in some way – distance/virtual whatever… YES pleaseeee! 🙂

  4. I love art exhibitions like this! I saw a similar one with cows in NYC several years ago. If only the world’s nations would take a hint from these bears and everyone be friends.

    1. Cows … but of course. Think of a decorative animal?!?
      It would be nice if people were just friends. Maybe one good thing about Corona is that people have less time for odd conflicts. Than again, some people also seem to go a bit funny now … We’ll see if we all learned something from this when we come out the other end …

    1. Oh Lulu, Canada can do what they want and they generally do it better than most of all the others. — It’s too cold there thoug … Don’t freeze your paws

  5. I think I could just make out an Italian flag?! Oh now, he looked so exotic and now he’s practically my (much beloved) neighbour…?! 🙂

    1. Ha ha, yeah, I had the Emirates down as Dubai … Oopsy. Since they are in order, you just need to find one flag and you can go from there 😉 We were there with a bunch of kids so there was no real photo time. I didn’t take a single shot of the feet. There are a lot of photos left, too. What to do with them?

  6. Now THAT’S the kind of kitsch I find ADORABLE…. We had (in Switzerland) three similar ‘shows’ I recall vividly – one was with elephants, one with lions and the longest enduring one with COWS (naturally!) My beady eye quickly singled out the camouflaged Panda-Dog-Bär – love it – He would really go well with my patio (Gartensitzplatz)…. how about a visit with him under your arm?

    1. Oh, I pleased you … yes! One down for the year 😉 I wouldn’t mind a bit of Switzerland to be honest. (I flew Swiss once and just for that I’d come. I was so impressed and felt like that must’ve been what flying was like in the old days.) He might be hard to travel with though? I could bring a few garden gnomes though?

      1. I’ve never flown Swiss…. and never Swissair either! So, lucky you! I’ve however flown every breaking-apart-airline here and there, even twice Ryanair…. the first and last time!

    1. Thank you Sheree! Last time they were in Berlin I missed out but this time around we found them by accident. We were there for a “sorry your birthday fell into lockdown kids party” (we nailed the treasure hunt) and this was a really nice extra treat!

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