Schlager Sunday – Everyday Is Like Sunday

Let’s give it up for everyday is like Sunday. Happy lockdown guys!

While Morrissey has always been a bit of a love or hate figure, his recent rants made me wonder if I can post this song. At the end of the day, it just fits too well.

Is everday like Sunday for you?

Be kitschig blog Schlager Sunday everyday is like sunday

Enjoy the start of your week. Stay positive! (Or negative?)

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18 thoughts on “Schlager Sunday – Everyday Is Like Sunday

    1. Damn, you’re quick! I am not sure how soon is soon but we all need to stand on our own. After all, we are just human and need to be loved

    1. Aww, usually that’s not a feeling I nurture but I’m a bit jealous. I’d make a good retired person … Enjoy! With its ups and downs 😉

    1. January is my least favorite time as it is. It is actually really grey here right now. And very quiet … Maybe the Corona feelings come in waves? Most days are good!

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