Schlager Sunday – Azzurro

Let’s give it up today for Adriano Celentano and Azzurro. Published in 1968, it still remains one of the best known Italian Schlager songs to this day. What do you do when you’ve been waiting for summer for so long but now it turns out wayyy to hot and your lady left the city for the beach? You break into song.

In 1990, Die Toten Hosen covered the song for the FIFA World Cup. (Yes, there is also a version by the Italian National Soccer Team and no, I’m not able to embed this here.) So, without further ado, enjoy your Sunday! Both videos are absolutely worth watching. The one with Adriano for the rather unusual choreography and Die Toten Hosen for a music video only the 90s could’ve produced.

Want to sing along?

Azzurro, il pomeriggio è troppo azzurro e lungo per me
Mi accorgo di non avere più risorse senza di te
E allora io quasi quasi prendo il treno e vengo, vengo a te
Il treno dei desideri nei miei pensieri all’incontrario và

the afternoon is too blue
and to long for me.
I realize my resources fade away,
without you,
and so I nearly
took the ride
and drove, I drove to you,
but the course of my
desires go backwards.

Adriano Celentano and Azzurro

Damn, am I ready for a holiday…

Have a lovely start to your week!

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Stock by Emslichter and Roland Denes

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12 thoughts on “Schlager Sunday – Azzurro

  1. That was a good one. never seen Celentano’s song, though I might have heard it.
    He was crazy. Crazy nice. We probably miss some singers like him now…
    Ciao, ciao…

    1. alright 🙂 If you google the translation you get the feeling, it only makes sense in Italian
      “I’m looking for a piece of Africa in the garden between the oleander and the monkey bread … they are watering your roses, the lion is not there anymore …”
      Well …

    1. Hi there, I though that was odd, too. The singer is rather politically active, you see him in talk shows all the time. These days they probably would’ve seperated the trash for recycling.

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