Schlager Sunday – Three Little Birds

Bob Marley and the Wailers are presenting a song that is not called “Everything is gonna be alright”. “Three Little Birds” was released on the album Exodus in 1980 and is one of Marley’s best known songs. 

So forget about gloomy January and enjoy a tune that’s gonna make you feel alright.

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10 thoughts on “Schlager Sunday – Three Little Birds

      1. Well, I think it has been written for kids from 8 on and also the reading parents. It has some jokes that kids wouldn’t get. I sent it to a few agents but, to be honest, without much hope. Publishing for newbies with a kids book is close to winning the lottery. I started on the second one (this one has fart jokes!) and if no one is interested in it, I’ll translate it and turn both versions into e-books. At least that way they’ll see some sort of finished form.
        (Honestly, no hard feelings. I’m happy I saw it threw!)

      2. You can never take education away from yourself or a labor of love like this … you did it and should be proud of yourself for sticking with it!

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