Meet My Hand Model

The poor guy didn’t even know he signed up for that. (No worries, he kinda did. After two years, his work is finally sending him on business trips to Berlin again, so we get to catch up; normal life, you are fun!) He did a fine job as a hand model.

I know, I’ve been a bad blogger in May but with an extra writing class, it was hard to fit everything else around it. I am a wee bit busy catching up with people (during the few months in Berlin that don’t feel like winter). Street art walks are always worth it, I am also obsessed with cooking the perfect Biriany. You see, this girl got stuff to do 🙂

Finally, I found my own hand model - bekitschig blog - street art Kreuzgerb - stencil Katze
Taking a photo of taking a photo. Ain’t that like tots meta? Now wait, some Zuckerberg person took that wonderful word away from us.
Cat street art -- bekitschig blog
Hopefully, they found the missing kitty.

As for my draft, I am in round two, currently dealing with verbs and fabulating. (Usually, writers seem to struggle with shorter sentences.)

Hand model taking photo of street art - bekitschig blog
Depth; that’s what a real camera creates, nearly on the brink of extinction.

Wishing you all the most wonderful weekend; nearly there. May it be lucky and kind. (And maybe even kitschy.)

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10 thoughts on “Meet My Hand Model

    1. Thanks Morgaine 🙂 Kids or not! Little One just had Corona, what a fun week that was … I believe for June, I’ll let the draft sit and collect some dust. Have a nice weekend!

  1. You are a busy bee and a picture taking a picture is fun. May your weekend be fun and kitschy too. P.S. – try to sneak some relaxation in there as well.

      1. That is what weekends are for Jeanine – your diligence on your project all these weeks and weekends has to be rewarded with “down time”.

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