Photo Lessons for Dummies

Welcome to photo lessons on be kitschig! The avid reader of this blog knows that I am not a very gifted photographer. (Un)fortunately, that doesn’t keep me from trying … So here are 10 lessons I’ve learned about taking photos.

Lesson #1

Don’t stand right in front of shiny surfaces.

It’s just plain stupid.

10 Photo Lessons for Dummies - be kitschig blog Berlin

A collection of involuntary self portraits

Lesson #2

Do not take photos in perfect lighting and give the camera to your offspring to delete doubles.

Chances are, you’ll end up with no photos.

Save mauerpark Berlin rette be kitschig blog
10 Dinge, die ich über das Photografieren gelernt habe - be kitschig blog

Save Mauerpark Berlin

At least, there’s an app for that. I was too stingy to pay for the software but you can take screenshots from the trialware and blow up the photos; trashy, trashy, kitschy.

Lesson #3

Don’t misplace your SD card.

Makes for no photos and sad sighs.

Lesson #4

Pick your battles. Photos in odd lighting are really for pros.

If in doubt use your phone. Seriously, if you don’t know your camera very well, chances are, your cell phone photos are going to be better. I’ve started taking photos with camera and mobile phone because that way you end up with at least a few decent shots.

Festival of Lights Berlin erleuchtet - 10 Photo Lessons - be kitschig blog Berlin

Festival of Lights, been there done that?

By the way, photos in odd lighting make for some pretty nice experiments. You’ll end up with some pretty funky stuff and learn a lot along the way.

#glow in the dark #mini golf 
10 Dinge, die ich über das Photografieren gelernt habe - be kitschig blog Berlin

Glow in the Dark Mini Golf

Lesson #5

Lighting in gift shops makes it impossible to take a decent photo.

aufblasbares Einhorn Schwimmring 10 Photo Lessons - be kitschig blog Berlin

Lesson #6

Sometimes the only thing that helps is Photoshop.

Fernsehturm Kebab Berliner Fernsehturm Döner 
10 Dinge, die ich über das Photografieren gelernt habe - be kitschig blog

Lesson #7

When out and about all day always take a decent camera.

#Koalas #Morialta #South Australia 10 Photo Lessons - be kitschig blog Berlin

Koala Spotting

Lesson #8

Sometimes you have to be quick.

10 Dinge, die ich über das Photografieren gelernt habe - be kitschig blog Berlin
Wolke Herz

Lesson #9

If your model is good, it doesn’t matter a whole lot what you are doing.

spotted odd advertizing kids licking fish Spreewald
10 Photo Lessons - be kitschig blog Berlin

Postcards from Spreewald

Lesson #10

Soemtimes you are just not tall enough.

Korkmännchen Street Yogi Berlin be kitschig blog

Korkmännchen – street art of a different kind.

What are your photo lessons?

Little Big City Berlin

David Hasselhoff Museum Berlin

Postcards from Berlin #15

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48 thoughts on “Photo Lessons for Dummies

  1. My #1 tip: Take the shot fast before it disappears, then mess with your camera settings and composition. Sometimes the initial shot doesn’t come out right, but sometimes it’s the only shot you get. Particularly true for wildlife and candids.
    Essentially, this is your “Lesson #8” , kinda reworded to make it long enough for a comment.

    Oh yeah, and charge the spare battery.



    1. Wildlife is hard! I must have at least 200 peacock photos and none of them good enough to post online … Charge battery. Oh, classic! Thanks for dropping by

  2. This is brilliant, lol! Done so many of these I quit counting which 😊 Right from the start, the “involuntary selfies” 😂 Then not having the “good” camera on outings! Plus sometimes best to shoot with both phone & camera, never know in some situations which’ll be best (or both in differing ways!) And the one ‘bout if the subjects are good enough, none of the rest matters (kids licking fish) 💕 Yes, definitely, brilliant!

    1. Thank you! It was actually a food truck selling fish rolls and read; as yummy as ice cream. Unfortunately I just took a quick one with my sell phone in not very good quality … This is why this ain’t no photo blog 😉

  3. Agree wholeheartedly. Reflections are very tricky. I am always tempted to tell museums and gallery owners to please stop putting the art under glass. Or prohibit photos.
    I haven’t had a camera in years. Iphones are perfect for urban photography. Bad zoom, but it’s all right. Also I can carry my phone in my back pocket. Can’t do that with a camera. And I do use Photoshop a lot. If only to crop pix…
    You are slowly coming out of lockdown, right? Stay safe now more than ever.

    1. Thank you for asking. Restaurants are open for more than take away now and there have already been the first restaurant corona cases. As of today, kids were allowed back to elementary school for 2 hours. By the time I walked back home I had one hour to squeeze in some work. It was really odd to go to school without hoards of happy kids, maybe they get a little sense of normal. After 10 weeks of home schooling I may have lost my sense of normal… how are you doing?

  4. With some laptops– don’t forget about your inserted SD card before doing a restart. Sometimes you’ll be unable to log back in. And you might need a good hacker friend to save all your post-factory software and files. As far as cameras go, it really helps to experiment with the various procedures in the manual– which a lot of folks don’t do. Peace.

    1. Thank you Sir! It happened so quickly, the Kodak moment was almost lost … Feet are great. How do you manage that?

      1. Clumsiness? There’s always one random trainer or sock, or the blackness of an unremoved lens cap as mentioned earlier.

        Do you remember Polaroids? My first memory as a little kid is of my grandpa taking a pic then a piece of paper coming out which he shook about in the air, and then an image of me appeared. It was like magic!

        And 35mm cameras? You would take your roll of film to the pharmacy or photo shop on the highstreet to get your pics developed (praying they would turn out good so you didn’t waste your money) 🙂

      2. I’ve paid some pretty good money for some pretty bad fotos and you made me wonder where they went?? Once I collected ghost fotos, as in an older person had just passed away and I am sure the film didn’t turn properly towards the end but it was really weird to see him somewhat in all photos.

      3. That’s like when my mum passed away and we were clearing out the house and found a reel of film. We rushed it off to get developed, expecting to see sweet pics of mum relaxing in the garden with her dogs and cats – instead it was a reel of our lead singer and one of our guitarists from our old band mucking about in a park after a gig 😂😆 Funny, because my brother remembered taking the shots, but no idea how the undeveloped roll eneded up in mum’s kitchen drawer!

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        Have a good day or night ahead 🙂

  5. Fun post, and like your light-heartedness. I still can’t figure out how to turn on the flash so it fills in the subject face when their face is in shadow. I hate to admit it also! lol – David

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