Andrew Boyd: Life’s Little Deconstruction Book. Self-Help for the Post-Hip.

Andrew Boyd’s  Life’s Little Deconstruction Book is a declaration of love to Postmodernism. 365 lines provide self-help for the post-hip. It is PoMo to go and a must-read.

Here are 25 to give you an idea:

9. Read the text as you desire.
13. Publicize your privates.
28. Confuse art and advertising.
36. Maneuver between pastiche and mishmash.
39. Perform your gender.
65. Learn from Las Vegas.
81. Cultivate decade-by-decade nostalgia.
111. Float globally, frame locally.
128. Shuffle fragments.
143. Gate your community.
146. Network.
156. Reject ideal meanings—even the purest ideas betray the impurities of language.
160. Read deeply into pop.
168. Mass produce difference.
180. Numb your capacity for outrage.
202. Watch all that is solid melt into air.
241. Preserve your heritage through aggressive marketing.
269. Exploit banality.
277. Use the word post-modern without being quite sure whether it is the dominant cultural logic of late capitalism or pop-culture shorthand for messy looking buildings.
297. Beware of intellectuals who speak of Otherness only amongst themselves.
323. Travel abroad to find some suppressed aspect of yourself on public display.
341. Replace your career with multiple revenue streams.
347. In the age of lost innocence, use irony to speak of love.
352. Be, like, whatever.
359. Celebrate kitsch.

Recommended for: It is a quick read and a perfect companion for the intellectuals’ lunch break or a sublime conversation starter in that new pop-up space.

Thank you Mr. Boyd! Check out his blog here.

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