Road Trip to the Big Lobster

When you go on a trip to the Big Lobster you get to see a lot along the way.

#Big Olive
The Big Olive, Tailem Bend, South Australia

The Big Olive in Tailem Bend is 8 meters high and was constructed out of fiberglass in 2005 by the Newell Group. The green and black olives are a landmark and draw tourists to the visitor centre.

Larry the Lobster was designed and built by Paul Kelly in 1979 to draw attention to Kingston and the local produce. He was constructed out of steel and fiberglass and is 17 meters high. His charm is a bit faded.

While I enjoyed the beauty of untouched nature and was dreaming about the 200 sunset photos I was gonna take over the Coorong, we ran into the people with the 4 wheel drive whose wheel had fallen off. With no tools they were stranded out there and by Australian standards it was probably not even the middle of nowhere. What were they doing out there without any tools but a shovel, we will never know. After 3 wonky bolts had secured the spare tire, we followed the people with the 4 wheel drive whose wheel had fallen off right to the dirt road that led to their camp site. Since it was only suitable for 4 wheel drives we waved goodbye and wished them well. If they made it, we will never know.

Funny how places change people. You go to the pool or a holiday park and people all seem the same. We meet someone out in the middle of (not) nowhere and help them without thinking about it. If we were in holiday mode all the time, this world would be a much nicer place.

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