The Ultimate Travel Tag

Welcome to the ultimate travel tag challenge.

I’ve come across this on the wonderful blog View from the Back, by Sheree. Looking back at long gone travels seems like a nice distraction at the moment. As the Germans say, you can tell stories, if you travel.

So hop on to a journey through time and space …

1. How many countries have you visited?

Albania, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada (well, we did cross the border at Niagra Falls), Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dubai, England, France, Ireland, Italy, Kosovo, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, San Marino, Spain, USA.

2. Which destination is number one on your bucket list?

I’m really not big on bucket lists but let’s try for the ultimate travel tag. If I had to pick just one, it would be Rome.

3. Three other places at the top of your bucket list?

  • North America, let’s count it as one place. All the Big Things in the USA, Route 66 and Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Hawaii. We vowed not to set foot in that country as long as Mr. Orange is ruling though. There are also dear friends now living in Montana, Texas and Boston. In the real world, we’d probably pick those over the fancy destinations.
  • Transylvania & Dracula’s Castle for Halloween
  • One day, I will visit all the kitschy sights in Germany
  • The Big Things in Australia
  • Eastern Europe & Russia
  • Asia and South America would be really interesting to visit …

Well that’s not three now but I’m not blessed with Math Brain.

#big lobster
Roadtrip to the Big Lobster

4. What does the ideal holiday look like for you?

Getting up at your own pace and take it from there.

5. Favourite picture you’ve taken during a trip?

I call this clouds of Antwerp or the magic that happens when you let go of the auto function.

Travel photo Belgium be kitschig blog

6. Have you had to travel for work? If so, where?

That is not on the horizon at the moment but I would’t mind travelling for work.

7. With whom would you like to go on holiday sometime?

Always with my family. We realized though, that it would be much cheaper to do Hawaii than flying to Australia, so meeting half way with our Australian friends would be fun.

More realistic; camping with lots of kids while they still wanna hang with us.

8. Who or what would you take with you to an uninhabited island?

Something to make a fire with, a sharp knife and a very warm sleeping bag. Oh, who am I kidding? I wouldn’t make a day on a deserted island.

9. Would you rather go to a theme park or a zoo?

Zoos are fun if the enclosures don’t make you weep for the animals. I sure like a cheesy old theme park but as I’m getting older, I’m really not wild about the rides anymore. You should have seen me on the Ferris Wheel at the Christmas Market last year, or actually … maybe not …

Riesenrad weihnachtsmarkt Berlin Alexanderplatz

10. Mountains or sea?


11. Which countries will you visit this year?

The way things are going at the moment, we can call ourselves lucky, if we make it out of Berlin. We were supposed to go away for a long weekend for Walpurgis Night on the Brocken. The ‘Blocksberg’ is the highest peak of Northern Germany and famous for all the tales about witches. (Faust anyone?) So each year the night before May 1st they raise hell.


Hexen im Märchenwald Witches in the forrest
The ultimate travel tag
Fairy Tale Forrest 1 and 2

Hopefully, we’ll make it to our annual visit to Dresden. You gotta have some traditions in life.

12. Where would you never visit?

North or South Pole would be very unlikely.

13. Which place did you think was so special that you wanted to return immediately after leaving, and still want to revisit now?

New Orleans

14. A place you’ve been to that you would not go back to, and why?

The GDR. Well, for obvious reasons, it’s not there anymore, but growing up there makes me really appreciate the incredible luxury and freedom of travel.

15. Which was the last country you visited?


16. What is your favorite place that you have been to?

Malta and Italy hold a special place in my heart but most places are really quite interesting and pretty.

17. Favorite place in your home country?

Well, we live in Berlin; it really doesn’t get much better than that. I do have a thing for the Baltic Sea and Thuringia though.

18. You’re in an airport and you can board a plane to any destination. Which part of the world would you choose?

Somewhere in Asia

19. What’s your cup of tea: tropical island getaway, snowy ski break or city break?

Snow and fun don’t really go together for me. Can I combine the island and the city break?

20. What are your top three hand-luggage must-haves?

Camera, cell phone and a spare outfit

21. Which three things would you take on holiday if you could?

Camera, cell phone and an unlimited amount of money

22. Any travel tips to share?

  • Own a copy of your passport, you knever know.
  • Always wear comfortable shoes.
  • Find a reliable cat sitter.
  • Know the number to cancel your credit card.
  • Dress well for flying. Although in our case, one of us is still getting pulled out for drug or explosive testing. Even Ted.
Ultimate travel tag be kitschig blog berlin
Ted I. Bear

23. What is your most pleasant trip memory?

Picking favorites is really hard. Our trip to the Outback was simply amazing. A few years ago we made it for a sunrise at an abandoned resort in Pembroke, Malta. The atmosphere was absolutley unique and for Little One it was the most impressive adventure until today.

Tresspassing with kids, how’s that for a role model? Second time around we did not visit any abandoned buildings because the others were deemed a lot less safe.

Graff Matt Malta be kitschig street art
The ultimate travel tag
You’ll find more photos here and here

24. What is your most unpleasant trip memory?

Running across the airport [ … &%§%#& …], got my seat changed to sit right next to the toilet in a mostly empty plane and recieve frozen plane food.

Hey Delta, I think you still owe me an apology.

25. Most surreal travel moment?

Flying on New Years is always fun but I’ll go for

the situation…

Once flying from Australia to Germany, after a stop-over in Dubai, we had a situation on the plane. To cut it short, some guy just lost it before take-off until he was escorted from the plane by special forces. For some reason, Dubai kinda doesn’t seem the place where you want that to happen to you. Luckily we sat a few rows behind, so we at least knew what was happening. The entire thing was followed by a strict search of plane and bags. When we finally did fly, the crew seemed like meerkats on speed close to a nervous break-down the entire time.

26. Most embarrassing moment?

Waiting at the wrong spot to collect our luggage for an eternity. Although the bags ended up on the wrong belt, we just could’ve turned around …

27. Biggest disappointment?

The construction site next to our accomodation but these things happen. On the bright side, it really did help to leave early.

28. Nicest surprise?

A ridiculously delicious hotel breakfast.

29. Favorite food discovery during a trip?

Bánh mì and bubble tea (but not in Vietnam).

30. Why do you travel?

Why wouldn’t you travel?

31. Have you picked up any phrases from traveling?

Heaps of bad S’tralian English.

#English #language in Australia Qukes 
The ultimate travel tag be kitschig blog

32. Your dream travel companion?

My family.

33. Favourite city or country?

There are so many interesting cities and they all have a very special vibe of their own. The best is yet to come.

#Trappist #Poster

34. Best item purchased abroad?

A cotton scarf from Malta and a 4 lens Lomo camera from the Andy Warhol Museum shop. Damn, I gotta find that thing …

35. Advice for those who want to travel but think they can’t?

There are great travel docus to watch and books or blogs to read. While it may not be the same, one can really dive into those. Get to know your local area and surroundings, check out different restaurants and sights nearby or visit friends over long weekends and stay for free. There are also many off-season deals for cheap travels. Just don’t travel broke, that’s really no fun.

36. Travel accessory you always pack?


37. Your most treasured passport stamp?

I loved the San Marino stamp but I had to give up that passport after renewal. Paperwork people are a tough crowd.

38. Can you recite your passport number from memory?

? I can’t even do that with my phone number.

39. Preferred mode of travel: planes, trains or cars?

We recently found out, we can’t afford to travel by train. A night train sounds so romantic though. While my better half and I hardly ever argue, driving certainly does the trick … which leaves flying but that’s really bad for your environmental footprint. Maybe not a bad thing that we all have to lay low a bit at the moment? Rumors go, the holes in the Ozone layer are closing …

The ultimate travel tag
One decision, two decisions, three …

40. Hostel, hotel or Airbnb?

We’re really not fussy at all. I’m happy with anything from camping to self-catered private accommodation. Hubby loves a decent hotel breakfast buffet though. We’re not really the posh all-inclusive resort people.

41. Are you a repeat visitor or do you explore new places?

The world is a big place and there is lots to discover. If we win the lottery though, I’ll buy a holiday apartment on Malta.

42. Do you read up on your destination (culture, history, safety) or wing it?

Studying the travel guide is really half the fun! Once we’re there though, we kinda wing it. Traveling on tight itineraries seems somehow strange.

43. Favourite travel website?

I used to text for a couple, which really doesn’t leave me with good things to say … I still really like the printed kind. The official tourist information sites are generally alright, too. Asking locals is really the way to go. Your taxi driver or receptionist will have great tips.

44. Where would you recommend a friend visit?


The Hoff loves you Berlin Mitte be kitschig blog 
The ultimate travel tag

45. To which destination did you first take a plane?

USA with a shared TV in the walk way.

46. Suitcase or rucksack (backpack)?

We can fit all our stuff for a week in either of those, as we are really light packers. Makes for confused looks at the airport sometimes. Come on, how much stuff do you need?

47. Is there something you do on every trip?

Eat too much but never take enough photos.

48. When traveling, do you talk to locals easily?

That really depends on where you go and how you travel. I doubt you would meet many locals on a cruise.

49. Do you feel like you’re different when traveling?

No, maybe just a bit more excited.

50. What is the greatest travel dream you would like to accomplish before hitting your next big life milestone?

Ah great. I’m hitting a big 0 this year and as far as I can see, those travel plans went nil. It would’ve involved garden gnomes, like lots and lots and lots.


I invite you all to take part in the ultimate travel tag, as it is really lots of fun to think about traveling while staying home.

Happy online travelling!

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  1. This was a fun read. I might just steal the idea for my own blog! Montana and Boston are actually two amazing places to visit in the US. Montana is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Boston is beyond interesting with its revolutionary war history (and it has great food and an amazing aquarium). I’m not chiming in on Texas because of the old “if you can’t say anything nice” rule… And, I totally hear you on not visiting anytime soon…. (even if it was allowed).

    1. Thanks for your nice comment. I always thought Texas is a fun place but that might be due to old TV shows… Please take the tag and have some fun it!

  2. I have visited Australia many times – probably more than 20 times – and have spent an aggregate period of more than two years of my life there but in all that time I never came across cucumbers being called ‘Qukes’ before (be they baby ones or grown-up’s!).

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