Dandelion Fountain, Dresden

Fragments – Pusteblumenbrunnen – East meets West

Pusteblumenbrunnen Dresden Prager Strasse
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The Dandelion Fountain in Dresden had been inaugurated in 1969. The East German artist Leoni Wirth worked and lived in Dresden and contributed many sculptures to the city landscape. She was especially known for her water features and glass work.

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Cities change over time; houses disappear while new roads emerge. However, parts of this story don’t sparkle with me. Due to some city planning, elements of her fountain have been removed, only leaving three Dandelions in its original spot. You would not paint a bra on a Rubens, would you?

Dandelion Fountain - Dresden - Pusteblumenbrunnen Prager Straße Springbrunnen GDR art bekitschig.blog

This is not how you treat a piece of art or an artist. One of the reasons of the architect responsible was that the fountain sprayed a lot. [Source] Well, half of its charm consists of the damn water!

water feature Springbrunnen Pusteblumen Brunnen Dresden bekitschig.blog

When regimes change, sometimes artwork does no longer seem appropriate. We’ve seen many sculptures being taken down in recent years, for example. Maybe instead of butchering it, they should’ve just taken the Dandilion Fountain down completely?!?

Dandelion Fountain - Dresden - Pusteblumenbrunnen Prager Straße - Springbrunnen - bekitschig.blog

I’ve seen a nice stock photo of the water feature capturing a rainbow, but that is probably left for the pros!

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22 thoughts on “Dandelion Fountain, Dresden

    1. I am not sure. There were lower petals that were part of the fountain. Rumors go they are close by but I cannot recall seeing any. I read something about the other dandelions beeing restored for a different part of the city but the internet is not a great source for fountain facts 🙂 Next time in Dresden I’ll check it out!

  1. I agree with you Jeanine – art for art’s sake and to hell with the splashing. Solution: stand back farther and you don’t get splashed. I like your analogy that you shouldn’t cut out a few dandelions, no more than put a bra on a Rubens.

      1. I don’t blame you – either leave it intact or take down the entire artwork – I would think that is defaming the dandelion fountains.

    1. Looked it up — it’s very pretty!
      I had no idea there were so many of them until the weekend! I thought it was a GDR / space age thing but you can even buy similar water features for your own garden! If you had one a decent size 🙂 It certainly wouldn’t work on my balcony …

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