A Truth about Social Media

Cause shadows are meh
You just gotta love a flower pot lamp and Harry Potter

For once I’ll leave this Wednesday wordless.

Photo Lessons for Dummies

Who was Carl Spitzweg?

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16 thoughts on “A Truth about Social Media

  1. Perfect post for 2-2-22. Another thing you’ve gotta love. That day I was teaching The Tragedy of Macbeth Act II, scene ii. I couldn’t have planned the timing if I had tried. Here’s a word—serendipity.

  2. There is always more to the picture than meets the eye I love this one. Personally, I love to Zoom in my underwear. It always keeps my perspective.
    Keep laughing, Rain Snow or Shine

  3. The fish vase with its huge open mouth reminds me of pictures of people swallowing goldfish, something they used to at sideshows or carnivals, to entertain the kids. My mom had a doctor one time, (when she was in a pediatric hospital for four years after being hit by a car in 1937), and this pediatrician came in holding a goldfish bowl and dangled the fish over his mouth. He later told the kids he had no intention of swallowing the goldfish, but someone made a noise and startled him, the fish wiggle and … down the hatch. He lived to tell the tale. 🙂

    1. Oh my, what is a word for that? Funny doesn’t really fit here. Poor fish! I’m sure Mr Dr told that story many-a times … Your poor mum. 4 years are a long time!
      I adore my fish vase! Treated myself after first lock down. It usually sits on my desk. It is called Monsieur Carafon and they advertise it as elegant. I think kitsch would fit better 🙂

      1. I’m sure that doc was horrified … my mom said he didn’t miss a beat and just went on. My mom was one of the older kids in the ward and realized it was not planned. 🙂 Your fish vase is unique!

    1. Oh thank you Brian! I freed them from my mums basement 🙂 We have two of them. Mabye 30s design? I always wanted to do them up but I kinda like them the way they are. The little bench I just found outside. Sounds odd but Berlin is really good for that. Even our ladder was ‘zu verschenken’. My best find so far was a vintage Louis Poulsen lamp, classic emaille industrial style in bright orange. Come to think of it, that might be the only nice thing in our kitchen … Maybe time for a make-over … This time of year always seems like a good time for those kinda projects. Plus, a Tiger year should be adventerous 😉

      1. I suspect earlier. late 19th century maybe. Farm chairs. 30’s were much more “design”.
        Amsterdam where we lieved for 3 years was good for sidewalk finds. (Zu verschenken indeed) My mother found two fantastic 19th century chairs just near the garbage. Those went to ur country house in Normandy…
        Make over? Why not.
        (LOuis Poulsen? I had to look it up. Very nice)


  4. Love this still life. The yellow tulips against the orange background, wonderful. I only wish we were close to tulip season here 🙁

    1. Don’t worry, I’m pretty sure they come from some indoor greenhouse. Maybe beeing so close to the Netherlands makes flowers rather cheap here?

    1. I am so happy you like it! The picture was really a bi-product of cleaning up the kids room. None of these things are usually there, I just liked the background. I adore my fish vase. Usually it sit on my desk. I really just wanted to make a point. Maybe I should’ve put a few filters on it …

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