Pizza Blanket

Finally, I got the cat off my keyboard! Thank you pizza blanket!

Pizza Blanket

Between the windowsill and my desk now lays a big blob of cat.

Katzen Pizza

She loves her pizza blanket so much, she even cleans it and kicks it.

Happy Cat in the sun - be kitschig blog

What can you do, when you like kitschy stuff? At least get something usefull. The blanket has been here for about a month and I’m still getting a huge kick out of it. Pizza Gatta. (Gatto?)

Meine Masha Katze

Before you ask, yes, I am very aware that my peaceful computer days are numbered.

Pizza Blanket  with cat - be kitschig blog

But it is impossible to be mad at a smile like this.

Do you have a cat? Who’s boss at your house?

Remember kids: don’t try this at home; online shopping is evil.

Cat Content

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22 thoughts on “Pizza Blanket

  1. Pizza blanket gives new meaning to “pizza with all the toppings!” This is a cute and big topping. She’s very cute. I don’t have a cat but I know cats are the boss. 🙂

    1. It is strangely comforting. These blankets also come in adult sizes now. You could be a nice warm calzone or burrito this winter!

  2. Charlee: “Clearly I’m the boss here. My Mama even made me a nameplate that says I’m the ‘Editor-in-Chief’ supervising Dada when he is writing in the morning.”

      1. Haha exactly so! Whenever my cats used to walk all over the desk as if they owned the place, I was reminded of a great quote:
        “Cats were once worshipped as gods; They have not forgotten this!”

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