4th Sunday of Advent

This year flew by rather quickly! While results, there seem to be little. Maybe it’s time to sit down at the end of the year; not making big plans for 2023, but looking back on things to be grateful for and just find a bit of rest.

bekitschig blog cat with christmas hat 4th Sunday of Advent

Enjoy your Christmas week!

Pizza Blanket

Weekend Movie: Expecting Mary

Oh, Christmas Pug

Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays?

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10 thoughts on “4th Sunday of Advent

  1. What better way to end the year than with a sweet kitty, complete with wreath and cute cap. You had an exciting trip to Italy, now just warm memories … hope you weren’t too close to the fish tank that broke apart due to the very cold temps. Merry Christmas Jeanine … enjoy the holiday, but rest up for 2023 as it may be a roller-coaster ride. P.S.: That pizza blanket always makes me hungry.

    1. Hi Linda, I was actually near that place a few days earlier. They were lucky it happened so early I’m the morning! There’s a Doku on YouTube how they built the place. The guys are super proud of their achievement. It’s a bit odd to watch it now though 🤔

      1. I just went to YouTube and watched it – pretty incredible how they constructed the tank and the stats on it. Well, you were lucky to see it in its glory. It’s lucky no one was killed when the tank exploded and that it was early in the morning, so fewer guests admiring the fish. I wonder if they will rebuild it?

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