Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays!?!

#Christmas #Caravan #Adelaide Hills South Australia all years Xmas decoration
Adelaide Hills, South Australia

Some people just love the Christmas Season. Some so much, that they even make every day like Christmas.

To me, it is just something that returns every year. Followed by all the New Year’s Eve craze … Not to sound like a Grinch here, but what if we just skipped December?


(Not just once?)

(Pretty Please?)

This time of year is really not my favorite and I might suffer from a big childhood trauma here. You see, in the former GDR, your parents thought they’d do you a huge favor if they send Santa to you. Unfortunately, Weihnachtsmann also came with a rather special mask.

GDR Santa Clause Nikolaus DDR Weihnachtsmann be kitschig blog
With friendly support of VEB Orange, Berlin

(If I’ll manage to find that slide over the Christmas Holidays, I swear I’ll actually put a photo of myself on the internet. It’s some rather scared looking kid and a really creepy Santa mask.)

In Australia, the Christmas season felt completely different (and almost fun). It was very much on the kitschy side of things and with the beginning of summer came complete with lots of barbeques, I mean barbies, and pool parties.

It is the time of the year you go to the Christmas Markets

#Moslem #Berlin #Peace
I’m a Moslem. I’m not a Terrorist. Please trust me and hug me. Merry Christmas

decorate your tree

#Kitsch #Christmas
Some of your Christmas decorations will never decompose

and accumulate more things and stuff you really didn’t need

Weihnachtsgurke Chritmas Pickle be kitschig blog
Original Christmas Pickle

listen to Last Christmas until you want to hang yourself with that funny Christmas sweater


and survive that work Christmas party. [Shivers]

I’ll try to be prepared

getting out that New Kids on the Block Christmas Album

New Kids Christmas Song This one's for the children

and making sure to watch Paul and the gnomes. You never gnome what these guys are brewing.

Paul killed the tree

Now, I got everything ready by November. This, Ladies & Gentleman, is how you save your sanity. Rejoice and merry Deccember!

#Christmas #Grinch

How do you feel about the Holiday Season?

Feature image by Erika Wittlieb from Pixabay

29 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. Came back to this post. I realize not all images had loaded… 🤣
    A perfect collection. My favourite is possibly the Oscar Wilde quote. I agree wholeheartedly. In a world where backstabbing has become a norm, it is refreshing to think along these lines.
    (I feel so happy to have discovered the ß. Entertains my delusion that I speak German 🤣)

  2. Christmas is a rough time of year. We overwhelm ourselves and forget what it’s really about. In my case, it happens to be my mother’s birthday so we have two celebrations in our family. But I’m with you for the most part (only without a scary bearded mask in the childhood); it can be stressful and lonely and hard to enjoy. BTW, LOVE all your photos! Fröhliche Weihnachten! 🎄

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