Schlager Sunday – Can’t Wrap This!

Are you one of those people who couldn’t wrap a present if their life depended on it? No worries, you’re not alone. Can’t Wrap This! has you covered.

Ladies and Gentleman, it’s Hammer Time!

Common, just watch it. You know you want to …

Best Christmas Song Ever
Hammer Time -

Now, I’ve searched the internet long and hard and could not find anything about this song. He sounds like MC Hammer, he’s dancing like MC Hammer, I’m convinced. If you know any more about this video, please fill me in on the magic.

If you are really looking for some gift wrapping hacks, this video is pretty handy. From presents to DIY decorations, you’ll be surprised. Mind you, half of that stuff wouldn’t look like that, if I tried that, but this clip is strangely mesmerizing.

Merry Christmas – Happy Holidays!?!

My First Christmas Pickle

Schlager Sunday – This One’s for the Children

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28 thoughts on “Schlager Sunday – Can’t Wrap This!

  1. I am not blessd with that gift I take all my gifts to the senior center each year and have them wrap them. The money goes to a great cause, and my loved ones are always amazed at my lavish bows, hand stamped paper and/or perfect corners…lol

  2. Jeanine – I sent you a fun link on Facebook … something to do for Christmas next year if you can’t get that glittery deer! Enjoy!

  3. MC Hammer could put that rocking horse in his Hammer Pants and still have room to dance! Loved the “Cookie Time” part. The answer to wrapping woes was gift bags for me, though I still managed to poke a hole in the tissue paper sometimes. Now I have an ear worm – did you find out if this is an older Hammer?

    1. Hi Linda, I couldn’t find anything on that song. Looks maybe like a spot for late night TV. At least I did find it! This is too funny …
      I also go for gift bags 🙂

  4. The perfect song for the holiday season! Fortunately, everything you buy at Amazon is already in a box making the gift so easy to “wrap”! Yes, is cookie time. Ha!

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