We Wish You a Ripper Christmas

Bucko & Champs – We Wish You a Ripper Christmas


We wish you a ripper Christmas

A full-bore ripper Christmas

A dead-set ripper Christmas

And a snappy New Year


May the kids have a hoot

May the pressies be beaut

From the big-bellied fella

In the red and white suit.




Send cards through the post

Have a big Christmas roast

Then hitch up the caravan

And shoot down the coast.




Great pressies we bring

All wrapped up with string

They’re not very expensive

But they’re interesting.




Jingle Bells, Batman smells

Robin flew away

Billy Bunter did a grunter

Flying TAA.


With candles alight

And faces so bright

We’ll sing lots of carols

Long into the night.




We’ll hang up the holly

Be cheerful and jolly

And fill up our tum-tums

With lolly after lolly.




Lyrics by Bucko & Champs (Colin Buchanan and Greg Champion) from: Fair Dinkum Aussie Christmas


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