Oh Christmas Pug, Oh Christmas Pug …

… How lovely is your plastic?

Christmas Pug snow dome - Schneekugel mit Weihnachtshund - bekitschig.blog Berlin for kitsch & quirk
Weihnachtsengel - Christmas Angels - bekitschig.blog Berlin for kitsch & quirk

This time of year it is very important to honor our Christmas traditions. The Christmas Rooster, angel figurines and, of course, the Christmas Pug.

Weihnachtshahn Christmas rooster - Lustiger Baumschmuck Nanu Nana Berlin - bekitschig.blog

Weihnachtspuppe Tedi Berlin - Christmas decorations
bekitschig.blog Berlin for kitsch & quirk

What is a Christmas Child? I honestly do not know.

Mardi Gras meets Christmas decorations - alligator - Weihnachtskrokodil - Nanu Nana Berlin 
bekitschig.blog Berlin for kitsch & quirk

And what does Mardi Gras have to do with any of that?

deer & candles - Hirsch und Kerzen Ernstings

Christmas Gnomes - Weihnachtswichtel 
bekitschig.blog Berlin for kitsch & quirk

But let me use this opportunity to point out a situation in our society that is getting out of hand. Hundreds and hundreds of Scandinavian gnomes seem to get kidnapped for the festive season and I demand that you don’t shed a blind eye on this!

Of Christmas Pugs and Christmas gnomes - Weihnachtswichtel Jusk Berlin

Your buying decisions shape our future. Don’t be a meany this Christmas. Shop what you need.

Wichtel - Christmas Gnomes
bekitschig.blog Berlin for kitsch & quirk

I may not need a Christmas Pug but I’m tempted to get the alligator …

What do you fancy?

Merry Christmas — Happy Holidays!?!

Season Greetings

My First Christmas Pickle

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20 thoughts on “Oh Christmas Pug, Oh Christmas Pug …

  1. I’ll have the deer please – I do have some plastic decorations – at least they’re vintage and I can tell myself I’m recycling x

  2. I should be grumpy with you for giving me an earworm with those opening lines. If I wake up in the middle of the night with those words in my head, there’s no telling what I’ll do! 😂

  3. Chaplin: “Say, those fuzzy gnomes look an awful lot like Substitute Charlee!”
    Charlee: “There is no substitute for the actual Charlee.”
    Chaplin: “So you would have wanted to be in the ICU with Dada where Substitute Charlee was, then?”
    Charlee: “….. There is ONE substitute for the actual Charlee.”

    1. Oh guys, if you look closely, there is at least one cat trapped in a snow dome. Be careful guys! (And they tell you Halloween was dangerous.)

  4. The alligator is quite interesting. And the gnomes, of course! As I celebrate Winter Solstice, I only use completely recyclable mistletoe, pine and holly. 🙂

  5. I like the twist to the carol ‘Oh Christmas Tree’ 🙂
    My favourites are the Rooster and the Alligator. Yikes, the babies are pretty creepy! We’ve had the same decorations for a while now, mostly made from recycled enviro-friendly materials meant to be kept.
    My grandparents were using the same paper and card decorations from the 1950s every Christmas.

    1. How we all have come a long way. My mom used to do the tree with Lametta and each year it was carefully put away again, nice and flat. She also kept the wrapping paper. I giggled about that years ago, with the ever rising trash factor it’s really not that funny anymore.
      We just put the presents in a potato sack. Looks like Santa brought it, reuse every year 😉

      1. That’s funny about the lametta, as my mom had that too, and was careful to put it away each time ready for next Christmas.
        Excellent idea about the potato sack! 🙂

      2. I can’t believe I have an opinion on Lametta! The lead kind may have been worth saving, according to my mum. Not like the new stuff. At least she didn’t iron it ..

  6. Sadly all this kinda crap will end up in landfill or polluting the seas or rivers of the world. Yet another great environmental success story for the human race!

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