Art and the Electrical Box

Are you familiar with electrical boxes?

Those gray things that line our streets? Not all are junction boxes, some serve to store letters. While some are tiny, others are more the size of little houses. In the last years we’ve seen more and more being decorated. Yet, we don’t pay them the same attention as real street art. I thought this might be because they are purely decorative but putting this post together, I proved my own theory wrong. There will definitely be more electrical boxes coming!

Electrical Box Stromhäußchen mit Enten Berlin Mauerpark
At BVG Tram depot
Junction Box Stromkasten  Berliner Tram Strassenbahn Bernauer Straße streetart
Electrical Box Verteilerhaus BVG Tram streetart Berlin
Junction Box Stromkasten Elefant Strassenkunst U Bahnhof Bernauer Straße
Electrical Box elephant streetart bekitschig blog
Junction Box Stromkasten streetart by the junius Berlin Prenzlauer Berg
by the junius Berlin
Electrical Box - großes Stromhäußchen Schönhauser Allee streetart Berlin
These days it is quiet under the bridge
Junction Box Stromkasten -  Menschen fliehen aus Ostberlin Berlin Prenzlauer Berg
People fleeing from East Berlin
Electrical Box flying penguin 
streetart Berlin Weißensee be kitschig blog
Flying penguin – this one had me confused for days
Postcards from Berlin #12
Electrical Box Junction Box Stromkasten Don Xuan Cennter Berlin Lichtenberg
Money is your religion
Don Xuan Center Part 1 and 2

It is lovely that city councils work with local artists and schools to make the streets more colorful. Electrical boxes of this world would make a nice coffee table book.

Have a happy Hump Day!

Postcards from Berlin #20

Garden Gnome Park Trusetal

Dressed up Construction Site

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39 thoughts on “Art and the Electrical Box

  1. There is no end to the creative artwork that you uncover and spotlight in your blog posts Jeanine. This is such an unexpected creative display on otherwise boring electrical boxes.

      1. Well … there’s also a lot of hot air about all of this 😉 Many of the big pieces come to live during the big festivals, which many cities have now, too. Plus, you need to know where to look for street art as well. With all the ‘development’ in the middle of the city many of the old hang outs don’t exsist anymore. Berlin used to be a really cheap city, now it is getting harder and harder for artists to just wing it. I guess many cities have these problems. When the invesstors come, a lot of the old atmosphere vanishes, that brought them there in the first place. I’ll spare you the gentrification rant 🙂

      2. Yes, the artists and otherwise artsy-fartsy creative folks are pushed out by a streamlined and modern city, but that city has no heart and soul by the time they are done with it.

    1. It really is! I got up super early yesterday and got pretty lucky with fotos! It’s a bit werid to see the place so empty these days …

      1. Oh please let me know when you do! I have been really lucky to get to know Pittsburgh. Little visits to New Orleans (😍) and a few other places in the States but there are quite a few i would like to get to know …

        We used to joke, we won’t travel in Trump times … Now we don’t travel anyways

      2. Yes, normal travel plans are definitely on hold! Once the weather gets better, I hope to create a new and interesting post featuring Seattle. Covid does make everything that more challenging, of course.

    1. Strange, isn’t it? With all the money wasted every year, this doesn’t really seem like a huge effort. I may have found a new thing to collect now 😉

    1. The guy who did the stripy art work seems to be all over the city; according to his Instagram. I never really came across them.
      Note to self: walk with open eyes

      1. My better half is a native speaker as well and he couldn’t come up with a good name … Anyways, I’ll keep hunting for more! Get well soon

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