Postcards from Berlin #12

Trapped, Rosenthaler Platz
E!, Prenzlauer Berg
art in public space Helmholtyplatz Berlin
Art in public space, Prenzlauer Berg
In dog we rust be kitschig blog
In dog we trust – dedicated to knotty toys for good dogs and the oceanside animals, Mauerpark
Zombie juggling be kitschig blog berlin
aok, Mauerpark
Sell your data
Sell your body
Sell your soul, Prenzlauer Berg
When the window dresser feels frisky – the other day at Galeria, Alexanderplatz
Post vandal by SP38, Prenzlauer Berg
Love, generally comes in handy, Mauerpark
sad life of berlin bicycle trauriges fahrrad
Berlin still-life, Wedding
Naughty smurf, Mauerpark
Simpsoneske, Mauerpark
Berlin needs more love, Hackescher Markt
Street art berlin mauerpark Lifes a beach
Live is a beach by TOBO, HITS CKW, Mauerpark
streetart berlin tobo mauerpark be kitschig blog
Clean girls
Dirty hands
TOBO, Mauerpark
Green city Berlin, Weißensee
You know, I will always take a photo of a heart-shaped cloud , Alexanderplatz
P S riot street art be kitschig blog
PS, Pankow
Flying penguin
This one had me confused for minutes, before I could take a picture. Some electricity house thingy, or whatever they are for, in Niederschönhausen. Just look at this?!

11 thoughts on “Postcards from Berlin #12

  1. Wagnificent!
    HuMom is a born & raised city gal now living rurally & your pawtacular blog helps relieve her occasional homesickness 🐾💜
    Thank you for both the dedication & for creating your pawsome blog ‘bekitschig’🐾💜🐾

  2. Very good. Your concept of street art is similar to mine. “Anything on the street or visible from the street” (A frisky day at the Alex)
    Tschüss. (Have a Kitsch week-end)

    1. J’adore your blog, so thank you very much for the kind words. Art is always in the eyes of the beholder and capturing street art (in the broadest sense) is important as it was not make to last. Charing these pictures is somehow preserving them.

      1. Viel dank! I am honoured. 🙂
        And you are totally right, taking photographs is the only way to preserve this “renewal” of art.
        (My personal theory is that street art is resuscitating art after the dead end of cubism and Pollock) (By dead end I mean no disrespect, just that it was impossible to do anything after Braque and Picasso had “deconstructed” art. The “streetarters” are rebuilding it.
        Schöne wochenende…

      2. Your idea is very interesting, as Streetart varies from artsy, to beautiful, to decorative or political, l’art pour l’art. You say Pollock, I say Duchamp. When it has all been deconstructed, makes for plenty of new possibilities. Thank you for this positive outlook!

      3. I agree about Duchamp. He was the end. Pollock (whom I like very much) was one one the final “steps”.
        Bitte schön. (Actually a few years ago, I was convinced Art was dead. It’s only street art that made me change my mind. And you’re right the variety of “purposes” of street art gives it more strength.

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