Dolls and Guys

Welcome to the creepy Halloween post! Thanks to the very talented T. from Berlin, I got inspired to dig through old photos to see if I can find more mannequins or dolls. You can’t stand on one leg, can you? So this is for you, Sir.

See, mannequins are scarry. Did I ever tell you about that tutoring job I had in some Australian mansion? Dad, the psychiatrist, liked to restore old mannequins and the entire house was full of them. Creepy. The film Mannequin was creepy. These things are just plain spooky. Now, without further ado, let’s give it up for a recycling post!

Don Xuan Center
be kitschig spotted Halloween
Fishnets are so back
Fauns and Sirene
Creepy Sprouts – Devil Fountain
be kitschig quote My tears are only triggered by kitsch.

Thanks for flying with be kitschig! Enjoy Halloween!

Are you ready for more Halloween Fun? — No dolls, pinky swear!

GDR Santa

Seize the Day

Farewell TXL – So Long Tegel Airport

More flea market fun:

Porta Portese Flea Market

Flea Market Hall Berlin Treptow

Don Xuan Center 1 and 2

10 thoughts on “Dolls and Guys

    1. Ha ha, true story! One couldn’t make this up.
      There’s a German saying “Leichen im Keller haben”, meaning you have some dark secrets hiding in the basement. Maybe you’re on to something here …

      1. Oh, Leichen would be corpses, that’s where it doesn’t translate very well. Who gnomes what’s in this basement ???

  1. Excellent round up of creepy doll pics, plus a couple of clowns added for good/bad measure!
    Yikes, I remember you telling me about that place you worked at with all the mannequins… just hideous! An ex boss of mine had a workshop with one of the storage rooms full of them.

    Fave pic is of the singing doll, then the super creepy one of the little girl with no arms and red shoes 😨😰😱

  2. Oh what nice, but indeed creepy. Btw. did you read, that I wrote new lyrics for German Schlager ? You will like it. It is full of Energy 😉

    1. I must have missed that, I’ll durezo

      Oh, missed that, I’ll check on that. (As a side note, don’t decorate for Halloween and write ‘help’. Turns out, police is on your doorstep

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