Clowning Around

Wordless Wednesday Halloween Edition.

This one goes out to my better half and his love for clowns…

6 thoughts on “Clowning Around

  1. Ronald McDonald, one of the only ten official ones in the entire EU, came to our local McDoanlds last year for Family Fun Day. After he’d removed his make-up, packed his strange clowlike oversized shiney clown costume suitcase and mega sized shoe box, and was chilling with some McDonalds co-workers, he told me that there is actually official training and certification of McDonalds clowns, which he spoke of as ‘us’ and never said, ‘I’ but always ‘we’ when referring to the role he plays. On the side of being a Ronald McDoanld, he did other work, no details forthcoming, because being a Ronald McDonald does not make ends meet. He also had to drive exhaustive kilometers to get to the next McGig, hours and hours on the road, only to arrive, change into costume, and get into the bright and friendly role, complete with the oversized red shoes, and make balloon animals, flowers and crowns. He struck me as a very intelligent man, or ‘they’ struck me as so. The clever clowns are definately interesting! I met another clown at an amusement park in Stockholm. It was a weekday, not much customer traffic, so he posed for a photo with me. I didn’t speak Swedish and he didn’t speak much English, but who cares, we had a fun moment of clowning around anyway.

      1. I will try and post that Stockholm clown picture on my blog for you. Let me get out the whole camera-to-computer cables and so on, it could take a little time.

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