Porta Portese Flea Market Rome

Porta Portese was erected in 1644 as part of the Janiculum walls for protection of the right bank of the river Tiber.

Porta Portese Flea Market Rome bekitschig blog - Hat Stand
Porta Portese Flea Market Rome

On Sundays from 9 -14 it turns into a ginormous flea market.

alte Schaufensterpuppe

Porta Portese Flea Market is the biggest of its kind in Rome. However, don’t be disappointed if you don’t come across the usual vintage goodies. You will find mountains and mountains of clothes and only a few odd stalls in between.

Bild Maria mit Muscheln auf dem Bilderrahmen katholischer Kitsch Flohmarkt Rom
old Disney toys on Flea Market
Porta Portese Flea Market Rome be kitschig blog - old catholic pictures
Klimt Bag Van Gogh Tasche - Kitsch Fashion

And what kinda market this would be without some Klimt or Van Gogh kitsch. Remember?

Art or kitsch?

Porta Portese Flea Market Rome - scarry singing doll - be kitschig blog
dolls on Roman Flea Market
piles of clothes Porta Portese Fleah Market Rome
Fächer Frida Kahlo Van Gogh kitsch
Katzen Tasche Floh Markt
trashy Mannequin on flea market - be kitschig blog

After the party …

Nach dem Flohmarkt in Rom
Schaufensterpuppe nach Flohmarkt

Thanks for flying with be kitschig! Have a happy hump day.

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13 thoughts on “Porta Portese Flea Market Rome

  1. My brother had a stand at the Flea market, Porte de Vanves, South of Paris. He dealt in old, country/peasant furniture. Sturdy tables and chairs to last 3 centuries. He did have a couple of Kitsch things from time to time… 😉

  2. Quite a diverse collection her Jeanine. The vintage religious photos remind me of some my grandmother had in her home for years.

  3. Amazing actually … but what do they do with the feet of their kids?

    „Die Spinnen die Römer“ Obelix already said

    1. We got there a wee bit too late, so could only do the main walk. Rumors go, the side streets holds the antique gems. It was so, so hot, there was no way to do the market “quickly!” Hopfully when I’m old, I’ll be able to take more time when traveling (or have the money, or places to go). We’ll see. As for the sea shells I liked it so much but no way to afford that!

    2. Once I had a German tutoring gig in a mansion in Australia and dad, psychologist, loved to restore old manequins. The entire house was full of them. Hell creepy!

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