Meet Me At the Markets

The flea markets are open again and I welcome you to join me on a treasure hunt.

Make sure you scroll right to the last photo! Have fun.

Porzellan Figuren 

Fotos vom Mauerpark Flohmarkt Berlin - bekitschig blog
Figurines and stuff  
duck goose decoration 

 Mauerpark Berlin
Goosy Goosy Gunder
kitschige Uhr 

Fotos vom Mauerpark Flohmarkt Berlin - bekitschig blog
This atrocious clock brings you right back to the 90s.
Buddah statues and figurines Mauerpark Berlin
Statues and figurines
Statue Maria und Jesus aus Holz 

Fotos vom Mauerpark Flohmarkt Berlin - bekitschig blog
statue of Mary flea market Berlin Mauerpark
Alright, we’ve got ourselves a long one. I got a bit trigger happy …
Öffentlicher Mülleimer mit Flaschenhalter - Da hat mal einer nachgedacht! 

Fotos vom Mauerpark Flohmarkt Berlin - bekitschig blog
German efficiency. We have a bottle return system, and many people rely on collecting bottles. Therefore, it is good style to leave your bottle next to the bin. Mauerpark in Berlin is now featuring these genius bottle holders.
box with old glasses be kitschig blog
If you don’t put on your glasses …
Pinkes Katzen Outfit ...

Fotos vom Mauerpark Flohmarkt Berlin - bekitschig blog
… you may end up buying this
old paintings at Mauerpark Berlin - bekitschig blog
Old paintings on the markets. Where’s the hidden feature?  
Holzfiguren in eindeutiger Pose 

Fotos vom Mauerpark Flohmarkt Berlin - bekitschig blog
You’re welcome  
Free Cookie for every purchase
Free cookies! (Are they vegan and gluten free?)
Tisch mit Puppen 

Fotos vom Mauerpark Flohmarkt Berlin - bekitschig blog
Sponge Bob Shirt with pinapples  Berlin Mauerpark
Who doesn’t need a Sponge Bob shirt?
Altes Dr Oetker Schild - Werbung 

Fotos vom Mauerpark Flohmarkt Berlin - bekitschig blog
Vintage Dr. Oetker advertisement  
Buddha - real Marble? flea market Berlin Mauerpark
Whatever it is, you probably find it on Mauerpark.   
Troll Figur 

Fotos vom Mauerpark Flohmarkt Berlin - bekitschig blog
Porzellan Teller -  Berlin Mauerpark

Admittedly, ever since Mauerpark made it into Lonely Planet it is a bit touristy. This flea market offers a mix of small Berlin labels, genuine vintage items and pretty good food. It is a fantastic place to buy presents or treat yourself. As you can see, we’re still walking around in masks but it is nice to have a bit of normal life back. It is school holidays, the weather is okayish in Berlin (and until they lock us down again, you’ll find me outside).   

Meine erste David Hasselhoff Schallplatte! David mit Limbo Dance 

Fotos vom Mauerpark Flohmarkt Berlin - bekitschig blog #record
Who got lucky?

Kudos to Holy’s Hit Records for not screwing me over here. I would’ve paid more than 5 Euros for my very first David Hasselhoff record …

What was your favorite item at the markets today?

Or should it be least favorite?

Thanks for flying with bekitschig! Have a happy Hump Day.

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45 thoughts on “Meet Me At the Markets

  1. At our local “swap meet” I picked up a small glass crucible with a removable top– mainly because it was exactly like the one my folks had when I was growing up. Inside it they kept our soy sauce, which was used extensively. Such a minor piece– but great sentimental value. Surprised after all these years that someone else had such an item.

    1. Hey Art, you pretty much summed up for me what the fun is all about. Those little items get our hearts attached … While it may seem silly taken out of context, these little things make the world go round!

  2. Something for everybody here – that clock from the 90s! It was huge! I like the bottle return system – very cool idea!

    1. Hi Linda, we’re not the only ones! Even a few states in Australia do, too. In Germany you get 9 Cents for a glass bottle (they get cleaned and reused) and 25 Cents for cans or PET bottles (they get recycled). You know how they say, money was just laying on the streets …

      1. They should do that here too, though people do go around and collect them from the street or garbage cans (more on the street to be honest). After March 2020, the stores would not take bottles due to COVID. Hopefully your rain situation has gotten better … we had torrential rain five times last night — an anxious night for me as the weather alarm went off four times with tornado and severe weather threats. I’m ready for Autumn. This Summer has been a wild ride!

      2. The summer over here has been very odd. Super hot days mixed with days and days with rain … For the people West is is not pretty. We have a big election year coming up in fall, so polititacians use it to show up and be awesome … It doesn’t help those people there one bit!

      3. I hate that they make this all political … were it not an election year, they would not care (or pretend to care). We have that here as well. We had a big fail with generators in late June where we had massive flooding on the expressways and in homes. Now there is a class action lawsuit in one of the “richer” suburbs … 10 feet of sewage in their house, filled the basement up the stairs to the main level of the house and ruined two cars in the driveway … it was a lawyer, so he filed suit and gathered his neighbors to join him. Mother Nature is erratic and our Summer is not normal in the least. We are now happy, even ecstatic, to get two “normal” days in a row … and those “normal” days are usually below average as to being cool, then the next day, stormy and 20 degrees higher in temps.

      4. Well, you know, there is no global warming …

        (I liked how you said prentend to care. This is what it boils down to. If people so far removed from the real world make decisions for the common folks, what can be expected?)

    1. Ain’t it just? (We’ve been out with friends tonight as recently allowed and not one of them shared my excitement about this record. Kitsch is a lonely number )

  3. Oh wow! So many “treasures” out there. I’m wondering who will buy the hairy trolls and where they’ll be placed. In the bathroom next to a soap dispenser? Or in the kitchen next to salt and pepper? We’ll never know.

    1. Nailed it, lady! I honestly can’t get enough. Since I’m allowed to go, I keep going and going … With pretty much exactly the same questions.

  4. Very nice collection of kitsch. What is kitsch, click to this post. I never knew David Hasselhoff made a record.

    1. Thanks Herb! The Hoff is huge in Germany. He reached Kult status with Night Rider and performed Looking for Freedom on the Berlin Wall in 1998. He holds gold and platinum records! In the US he also performed on Broadway. He has a pretty big Wiki entry 😉

    1. Thank you Tracy. I can’t seem to get enough at the moment. I’m pretty sure I know what I’ll do next weekend ☺️

  5. Wonderful. I can feel your joy and glee from here! 😁I think our local flea market opens in August, and I can’t wait to have a look (really missed them in the lockdowns).
    Love the SpongeBob shirt and the vintage Dr. Oetker ad. The creepy dolls are suitably creepy, plus I noticed a Smurf hiding at the back, so I know you’ll be super-creeped out at that 😱 lol.

    1. Damn Ford, you know me well! Scarry Smurf thing 🙂 it’s lovely to go outside again, can deal with them, just for now

      1. Yeh, bet it was so good to be out and about like that again! Can’t wait.
        Yep, I remember your fear of Schlumpfe from when I posted all my old catalogues over at TVTA 😨😂👍

  6. I really do wish that I’d completely ignored your prompt to scroll down to the end! I’ve got to get one of those pineapple / Sponge Bob shirts!

  7. I like those old paintings and unique figurines. Been a while sinve I´ve been into a decent Flohmarkt…over there looks nice.

    1. It is a nice one. It used to be twice the size but that’s complaining on a high level … At least it is still there. Hopefully, you can enjoy one near you soon

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