If I Decide To Be an Idiot …

If I decide to be an idiot, then I’ll be an idiot on my own accord.

Johann Sebastian Bach

If I decide to be an idiot, then I'll be an idiot on ym own accord - Quote by Johann Sebastian Bach 
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Have a lovely week! May it be full of fun and good choices.

Image by Ryan McGuire on Pixabay

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3 thoughts on “If I Decide To Be an Idiot …

  1. Can’t argue with that! 😀
    I saw all the news about serious flooding in Germany. I hope you and your family are safe!

    1. You’re too kind, thank you. We are more towards the east so it’s a bit further away, however, rivers are still rising and it doesn’t seem to be over just yet. We are save but it is devestating to see what happened there. For some strange reason, the whole world seems to talk about global warming again. Is that what it takes?

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