The post that wasn’t there

So, post 7534 was published last week and had more or less no content; as QqQq is not really thrilling. What on earth happened?

Judging by the time, I was most certainly already enjoying some episodes of Edgar Allan Poe’s Tales of Terror, so I am really not sure if the cat walked over my laptop or if this was due to too much phone swiping. The WordPress app was a bit funny on my phone lately. So either way,

Accidental posts

Embarrassment galore

I know who you are

Before I could delete it, there were already five likes on the post that wasn’t there.

Common guys, do you even care when you click like? This could have been a call to kill all kitty cats in this world (and who would want to do that?) or some really wrong creepy crap …

Are you a reader or a liker?

Bordieu Haiku

Make-up Haiku

Berlin Loves Its Tourists Haiku

Oh, Precious Sleep Haiku

14 thoughts on “The post that wasn’t there

  1. I saw your Qq post and presumed it was a mistake and was baffled some people had liked it! Lol. It got more likes than some decent posts get. Ha ha. Very weird. It was the post before Postcards from Berlin I think. I’m a reader. I only like posts I actually like after reading. Bizarre how a post was created though as there’s a few steps to creating posts. Even more bizarre anyone liked it. Altogether random. Well at least you’re popular. 🙂 Although maybe people accidentally liked it. Guess that can happen too.

    1. Thank you, I am not sure if anyone ever called me popular. After years at the bottom of the blogging sphere, at least some people start liking this blog. I mean, reading 🙂

    1. 28 degrees and the 3 months of really good life are just starting. No heatstroke, just random internet stuff (or the cat)

      1. Just to add, I got 15 likes today by 1 person which did not even view any of these posts at all, this I could see immediately from the statistics.

        What an absurd pseudo-communication sometimes happens here on WordPress?!

        Now it is summer, and I will go on blogging vacation – the real life and your cats are really more important indeed.

        Tschüss und bis bald!

      2. He he, yeah these guys are weird. You’d think like for like is an Instagram thingy … Enjoy your time off and soak up some sun!

  2. I saw postcards from Berlin. No invisible, weird or empty post. Reader, then liker. I mean come on, you can’t fault me for liking what you write.

    And we shall not discuss anything that hurts kitties, but I bet your cat posted it. I know the one that owns me has that kind of sense of humor. She LOVES to open the blinds when I am stark naked. I swear she does it on purpose just to humiliate me.

    1. Cats can be challenging at times! I feel for you, living on the ground floor, you cannot really walk around in summer comfy … As for WordPress, always learning by doing!

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