New Year, New Lists

Welcome to yet another not so wordless Wednesday. New year, new lists. I’ve been making a few…

While I am not too keen on New Year’s resolutions, I really would like to work on my work / life / blog balance a bit more. I feel this oomph at the beginning of the year and I hope it will carry on a bit longer. Fingers crossed!

Making lists does help to sort your photos better and also opens your eyes for opportunities in the first place. I would love to recycle some older posts, since hardly anyone will look at your archives to dig out stuff from the stone ages.

There will be a new version of electricity box art, more garden gnomes, of course, and a few completely random new topics, like kitschy stuff I didn’t buy (the cat would not have been cool with this outfit).

Oops, I did it again

I may have also been attending a few classes in the last few months and magically, I may have signed up for a new one this morning. So I am really trying to find a decent balance in all of this hodgepodge. Wish me luck.

What are your (blogging) plans for the year?

Thanks for flying with be kitschig. Have a lovely Hump Day.

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6 thoughts on “New Year, New Lists

  1. My work/life/blog balance is totally out of whack but if I threw taking classes into that mix, I would never get any sleep. I don’t know you do it Jeanine – oh yeah, youth. 🙂 Good luck to you juggling everything in the new year. Tell the cat she looks adorable. P.S. Someone suggested I put hats on the neighbor’s Ol’ Man Stump … one for every holiday.

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