Oh Melbourne, You’re So Nice

I vowed to stay away from adjectives such as nice for a while, but Melbourne in springtime is a very nice place indeed.

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Melbourne is a livewire and probably the hipster capital of Australia. Its mix of old and new is one of a kind and visitors can enjoy a never ending range of cultural activities throughout the year. It is a creative hub, bubbling over with ideas.

Melbourne is a place where people dress incredibly well and most things have a natural cool. Even shopping trolleys are trendy and every second laneway may have hidden street art gems. Even downtown the occasional flagship store might sport a paste up or two. Strategically placed, naturally. Today’s photos have been taken in and around Queen Victoria Markets. Here you will find beautifully displayed fresh produce, souvenirs, upcycled jeans handbags, yummy food and very good coffee.

#kitsch #cat
Cat Café. Next time you’re in Melbourne with your cat, make sure you treat them to a visit

Where there is a space, there will be some greenery and you might even spot the odd garden gnome or two. Where there are gnomes, life is peachy. The high-rise apartments and chirping sparrows reminded me a lot of Berlin. Never have I seen a person walk quickly in Melbourne. The locals are always up for a chat and very helpful with directions. If you do tell a Melbournian where you are from though, you will get the same look, a cross between puzzlement and pity, from all of them. When the plane landed in Adelaide, the teenager behind me could not have said it better

“Why again aren’t we in Melbourne?”

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    1. Oh, I miss Australia so much … There are pretty fab markets around here but part of my heart just is Aussie territory for good …

    1. Thank you! There will be a few more coming but I’ve been really busy lately… I’ll write a post for you with all the Australian places I’d visit (if I could ever afford to) , too. Have a great weekend

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