Qu Guangci at Meißen

Oh, I hope you guys are into porcelain… This is just a tiny snippet of all the wonderful things I saw at the Porcelain Manufactur of Meißen.

(Believe it or not, I went by myself because no one wanted to go! Strange stuff.)

Qu Guangci - Angel of Joy - Overglaze Painting - Aufglasurmalerei - Porcelain - Porzellan aus Meißen 

Admittedly, I was looking forward to all the kitsch, but the outstanding craftsmanship somehow outdid the motifs. On two stories, the Museum exhibits classical porcelain work as well as modern engagement with the material. They also offer a tour through the show workshop, which I highly recommend. All in all, I stayed a good three hours and you bet, I learned a lot about porcelain. The city of Meißen has a beautiful vibe to it and offers many more sights for a nice weekend getaway or a great setting for a fancy wedding.

So, Angel of Joy by Qu Guangci is just a teaser for all the angels, deer and plates to come …

School Holidays are over in Berlin, so seems summer, and it’s about time for this girl to get some work done!

Have a great Hump Day; we’ve got this!

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17 thoughts on “Qu Guangci at Meißen

  1. you managed pretty well to catch the kitschiest of all Angels of Joy, not looking very pleased with him/herself! 🙂

      1. He he, for your sake, it will not involve gnomes! They don’t seem to do them in porcelain. (I should look into that)

      2. I think you should! I mean, what’s a piece of porcelain if it doesn’t include a gnome or three?! 😉

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