Anybody who writes a book is an optimist

Anybody who writes a book is an optimist.

First of all, they think they’re going to finish it.

Second, they think somebody’s going to publish it.

Third, they think somebody’s going to read it.

Fourth, they think somebody’s going to like it.

How optimistic is that?

Margaret Atwood

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Anybody who writes a book is an optimist

No matter if you are right in the middle of NaNoWriMo, just general writing pain or no pain at all, enjoy the rest of your month. The year is slowly coming to an end and it’s about time to wrap up the odd ends and pieces.

(And, if you must, kill your darlings.)

Have a productive week! Stay happy, healthy and sane.

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17 thoughts on “Anybody who writes a book is an optimist

  1. OK, 1+2 habe ich irgendwie hinbekommen, fehlt noch die Anleitung wie 3+4 zu bewergstelligen ist…dabei bin ich Berufspessimist…werde also vermutlich mit meiner gesamten Buchauflage schlussendlich die Wohnung tapezieren können 🙂 Herzlicher Gruss, Jürgen

  2. Margaret Atwood is an inspiration … sometimes you just have to buy your own book to boost sales. That would likely be my fate, unless there were a lot of squirrel lovers out there.

  3. Oh so true I suppose. I never wrote a book but I want to think I would write it first and foremost for myself and the ones around me. I don’t think you start a painting with the hope to sell it. At least I hope so.

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